Essence my skin tinted moisturiser - both shades - [review w/ swatches!!]


I have a review on a product I've been really loving lately.
So I'm definitely enjoying writing this review :D

pure skin tinted moisturisers, my skin tinted moisturisers
pure skin tinted moisturisers, my skin tinted moisturisers

pure skin tinted moisturisers, my skin tinted moisturisers
pure skin tinted moisturisers, my skin tinted moisturisers

I just featured this in my Dyna's Beauty Lab video :D

A squeezy tube,
has some awesome fun print on it.
Very cute
You get a lot of product in it .. 50 ml
so it lasts a LONG time..

I LOVE the texture.
It is moisturising and hydrating.
Great for normal to dry skin
(not for really dry skin though.. it would apply blotchy unfortunately)
Doesn't feel oily
and is in fact oil free..

I believe the product comes only in two shades,
light and medium to dark
they both have a strong salmon-peacvhy colour,
which will brighten your skin making itlook healthier
When swatched they look VERY different
the shades are in fact very forgiving,
there is not much pigmentation to it,
and it almost melts into your skin.
Right now I use the light one..
in summer I'll probably use the medium to dark one

light, medium to dark

light, medium to dark

I repeat,
DON'T buy this if you're looking for coverage,
this is not a full coverage foundation or anything like that.
It is a tinted moisturiser which will even out your skin tone,
and looks REALLY natural..
but the coverage is in fact sheer.

This tinted moisturiser is water based,
and I personally don't set it with powder,
because it sets to a powder finish anyway,
that way – it looks like my skin but better.

SPF issues
This product does not have SPF in it.
I personally hate SPF in my products.
I mean, let's get real.
When you apply your foundation and it has SPF
you're not going to get enough protection ever.
Because the SPF ingredients in it are so minimal,
and you only need to apply a really small amount of product.
And besides. If you take a photo with flash,
the active titanium dioxide ingredient in your foundation / tinted moisturiser
will reflect and make you look like a ghost.
For some people the fact that it doesn't have SPF in it might be a con,
but in all honesty,
if you REALLY want sun protection, apply a good SPF50 sun block.
Just because you use and SPF 20 tinted moisturiser doesn't mean you're protected,
just a little tip no one really tells you.
So basically that's why I LOVE that this doesn't have SPF in it.

For people who don't know, when a product “oxidises” on you it basically means that it turns a shade or two darker because it mixes with the natural oils in your skin.
I had a very bad experience with Nivea's tinted moisturiser on this.
This, however,did not oxidise on me.
Because everyone's skintone is different, I cannot guarantee that the product will not oxidise on you.

straight out of the tube, slightly spread, slightly blended


An awesome product for people who have normal to dry skin..
I wouldn't recommend this product to people who have oily or combination skin,
there is another product from Essence that would work much much better.
I personally love this thing.. and I have been wearing it every single day for daytime

I even have worn it at nighttime, I just love it.


 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I got the product for free at the Catrice / Essence launch.  and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion. My priority is always to remain thruthful for my readers :)


  1. Thanks for the review, I do not live near an Ulta but your swatches give me an idea of what I need. Makes ordering online much easier!

  2. Nice review! If I can find this product I'd like to try it. But just so you know: it does have SPF: it says on the package " with protective UVA/UVB filters" ;)

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