Face product of the week! 23/03/12


I wanted to share with you my face product of the week. 
this weekly ordeal is going to feature ONE product 
I have been loving to use a lot this week.
It can be anything from concealer, to powder, to blush, to highlight..
ANYTHING I use on my face basically.. 

So this is basically a post on a product that deserve to be hyped. :D

I love these kind of favourites post and all.. 
because in a review I might say "oh this is a great product"
but do I actually wear it a lot?..

So the product  spotlight of the week:

ELF mineral glow in tinted.

This is the only bronzer I have been using since I opened this,
it is not a 100% matte..
it has a slight glow to it which, I believe,
is what makes it look so natural..

I just love it.. I even brush it on my shoulders and delicatè (or however the accent's supposed to be..)
and it looks gorgeous.

I hoenestly don't care for the body brush that it comes with.
But I do love the powder.
 Check out my REVIEW on this product HERE.

So that was my favourite face product for this week :D
Do you have a favourite product? :D
What is it?
Let me now below :D

FTC Disclaimer: I am not being paid to do this post. I have received the product for free in a mini bundle as a prize for making it in the TOP 10 in the Beauty Editor's shoes competition. I am not obliged to review or fetaure the product in any way. I am 100% honest in this review and I am not affiliated with ELF cosmetics in any way.


  1. My favorite face product this week is Elf's Mineral Glow in Shimmer! :D

    1. haha what a coincidence :D - I heard great things about that - I might check it out myself :) xx


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