Face product of the week! 30/03/12


I wanted to share with you my face product of the week. 
this weekly ordeal is going to feature ONE product 
I have been loving to use a lot this week.
It can be anything from concealer, to powder, to blush, to highlight..
ANYTHING I use on my face basically.. 

So this is basically a post on a product that deserve to be hyped. :D

I love these kind of favourites post and all.. 
because in a review I might say "oh this is a great product"
but do I actually wear it a lot?..

So the face product  spotlight of the week:
ESSENCE my skin tinted moisturiser in light  [REVIEW HERE]
I just LOVE and ADORE this tinted moisturiser. 
I have been using this ALL week.
Except for yesterday and today, 
because as I mentioned on my facebook fan page (HERE)
 my skin has totally dried out,
possibly because of the weather change, 
and this (and virtually anything else) applied quite chalky. 

But other than that. 
It's a great product for when my skin is normal, 
and I just ADORE how it sets on its own..
I even mentioned this in my latest 
Beauty Vanity Lab video below:

 Thank you for reading this post guys!!

I hope you enjoyed it :D 
   FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I got the product for free at the Catrice / Essence launch.  and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion. My priority is always to remain thruthful for my readers :)


  1. I really wish I could buy Essence from Denmark... I am going to Germany in august so maybe I'll be lucky to find a place that has Essence, their products look so nice.

    1. oh you'll love it if you do hun.. I hate that it's not available everywhere.. I wish they'd make it available online soon :) x


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