Lip Combination of the week! 30/03/12


I wanted to share with you my lip combination of the week. 
It can be products paired together, 
one lip product, 
a rediscovery of a lipstick
or anything my lips have been wearing a lot lately..

So this is basically a post on products that deserve to be hyped. :D

I love these kind of favourites post and all.. 
because in a review I might say "oh this is a great product"
but do I actually wear it a lot?!

I happen to own..
around 50 lipsticks...
and I have worn all of them.. 
but there are some I reach for over and over and over. :D

The spotlight for this week is:

NYX round lipstick in narcissus 
 Barry M lipgloss in bubblegum

 This is like the perfect bright cool toned lip combination.
It's not overpowering, or an in your face combination, 
perfect for daytime. 

Personally I don't really like NYX's round lipstick in narcissus on its own.
It looks unnatural to me, 
and it seems to have a very slight metallic sheen to it. 
You can read my review on it HERE

Barry M lipgloss in bubblegum
on the other hand, 
is like the perfect gloss to layer over it.
It's a rather sheer shade, but still, 
very pretty. 
Read my review on it HERE
I got this gloss in a swap.

I hope you liked this post, 
and stay tuned, I have more products of the week to feature :D


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless stated otherwise and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. pretty color, looks great on u ;D

  2. How do you keep your lips in such good condition & prevent them from getting chapped? :)

    1. I try to apply lip balm before I sleep and whenever I'm home :) and when they are chapped I try to wear more forgiving shades :)

  3. Oh ok thanks :) Do you use any lip balm in particular that's good for chapped lips, or just a bit of everything?

    1. I love the Nivea pure and natural lip balm, it works wonders, definitely my fav :D


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