Recently Uploaded videos. - and YES. I do have a youtube account :D


I get asked quite frequently on my fan page (HERE)
whether I have a youtube account, 
and yes I do have one.. 
I have recently started uploading again like 3 months ago and I used to have like 16 subscribers and now I have 450+ :D 
So I'm very thrilled about that.. 

I rly like the response I get on youtube as well.. 
and I always post my videos here as well for you all to see.. 
but I get that some people are not reading my blog 24/7 
so every now and then I'll do a recently uploaded videos 
so you can see my recently uploaded videos here in case you miss them :D

and if you missed my 2nd batch from my photoshoot check out this post HERE.

Here is my Goth Makeup Look tutorial I used for my photoshoot :D

and here is my most recent HAUL video and I showed you what i got from Catrice, Essence, Wet n Wild and Maybelline :D

This is my FIRST EVER Dyna's Vanity Lab video
- talking about products that I've been trying out that were a hit or a miss

AND FINALLY the most requested video - MAKEUP COLLECTION VIDEO!!

I hope you enjoy them guys, 
Don't forget to subscribe HERE and
let me know if you have any requests :D



  1. Nice Videos!

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