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5 random things of today...

#1. SAD STORY. I broke my Model in a Bottle.  Not that I cried over it, because I actually hated spraying it in my face..  but it was nice to have in my collection.
#2. My April Favourites video was uploading and my Mozilla Firefox crashed.  Thx# -.-
#3. Picked up Stefy Puglisevich's blogger invite and mine too to the Malta Fashion Week launch. Woohoo! So excited!!
#4. I recently discovered ebay is a pretty awesome place to shop for clothes at. I have received one really crappy dress.. But the rest. Pretty awesome. 
#5. I have my finals soon. And I barely started doing anything.  I hope I'll feel like studying and all soon.  Because this shouldn't be happening right now. 
Oh well. those were my 5 things of the day.  Goodbye for now - Dyna xxx

Skinfood salmon dark circle concealer [review w/ swatches] !!

This review is all about a concealer I'm LOVING lately,  it is HG quality,  I'm not sure if it's HG quality for me though .. yet.  But I've been trying out a lot of concealers and none quite match up to this bad boy.
[except for the Essence soft mousse makeup. I LOVE that too]
Anyway.  About the product..

PACKAGING Vintage looking packaging, with plastic container  and I'm not sure what the lid is..  it's a bit bulky packaging wise, I mean it could be smaller..  but it's okay

TEXTURE  It has a gel like consistency,  almost sticky,  it doesnt really settle into fine lines and all that but it needs setting,  because it's really shiny to leave it without powder.

COVERAGE High coverage, very buildable. Will cover and brighten the darkest of dark circles.

LASTING POWER Lasts all day when powdered on me.  I usually use the ELF mineral booster in yellow.

APPLICATION This is meant to be an under eye concealer,  so all you need is to apply it there (…

My Vanity Lab video for this week AWESOME people!

Guilty as charged -  YES! I failed to upload a vanity lab video for like two weeks,  because I barely had time to film [Sorry :(]
But I finally uploaded one..  so feel free to check it out below :D

 Featured products: Essence pure skin tinted moisturiser in light*
Catrice ultimate shine lipstick in kiss kiss hibiskiss*
NYX matte lipstick in perfect red
MUA pearl eyeshadows 6, 8, 11, 14
Essence colour and go quick drying nail polish in luxury secret
Essence multi vitamin nail hardener
ELF studio eyebrow treat and tame in medium
Catrice blush brush

Products marked with a * were in a goody bag at the Essence / Catrice launch.

Make my day and SUBSCRIBE for more videos guys, and a BIG thank you goes to all those who already have xx

FTC Disclaimer: I have purchased most products in this video.Some products were gifted to me but I…

Nivea tinted moisturiser [review w/ swatches!] - a stupid excuse of a product, actually.

I have a review on a bad product today.  I'm going to say bad.  Because it was bad for me.  It might have been something you liked,  or something you'll like.  So feel free to use the comment section  to say you like the product, if you do. 
I like Nivea quite a lot,  I like their lip balms (well, 2 of them at least) Their face products, skincare..  I love it.  I also like the price tag.  :D

I don't mean to be offensive,  but I seriously hate this product.  I hate wasting money on products I can't use.  and honestly,  this one is one of those for me.

First off.  I have normal to dry skin.   I have a medium skintone.  and I'm not into SPF foundations, tinted moisturisers and all that. 
So I love that this has no SPF.

I also like the packaging,  pretty cute,  pretty handy.  great amount of product.

It applies really smoothe on the skin and feels really refreshing actually seems like it blends effortlessly.
But then it dries.
it oxidises on my skin and lo…

Barry M lip paint in dolly pink 146 [review w/ swatches] !!

I have a lipstick review today... I LOVE my lipsticks..  I have like 45 of them and I really enjoy having my lovely collection.. 
 I have had my eyes on Barry M lipsticks for a long time.. and when I did the swap with Sarah she asked me if there were some shades I was interested in.. and this was one of them. :D
Their formulas definitely vary.. though.. so you might be in for a surprise with these lot.

PACKAGING I seriously LOVE the packaging.  It has a black sleek matte packaging, and is quite tiny too,  so it's ADORABLE.

TEXTURE Very smoothe and quite creamy,  it has an almost glaze consistency

FINISH Glossy finish

PIGMENTATION Not very pigmented, quite sheer

LASTING POWER  A little longer than average,  around 4 hours.

OVERALL PERFORMANCE It does give me than line on my lips over time,  just like most lipsticks,  but I bear with it.

SHADE A bright purple pink with no shimmer.

I definitely enjoy wearing this..
it's a wearable purple with just eno…

Maybelline the falsies volume express mascara in black [review with photos!]

So, as you guys probably already know,  I am veerrry picky with my mascaras. 
I'm a pain to please. 
I have not yet found my HG mascara.  and I've been trying out quite a few mascaras ever since my mind flipped to Make Up Freak Mode. 
This is quite a highly raved mascara,  it's not cruelty free,  which really sucks.  I'm talking about the Maybelline volume express falsies mascara.

PACKAGING Pretty sleek and cute,  purple  and the typed out letters did not fade I had no problems whatsoever when it comes to the packaging..

WAND A spoon-like want,  kind of medium sized,  and rubber bristles

SHADE OF BLACK A reallt deep intense black 



my lashes with 2 coats of Maybelline falsies + Essence volumising lash powder

OVERALL PERFORMANCE This really darkens my lashes and makes them stand out

BEST USE FOR ME As a lengthening darkening mascara

RECOMMENDED FOR WHO? Everyone,  unless you'd prefer a natural mascara

BOTTOM LINE  This does not …

ELF studio lip liner in natural [review w/ swatches!!]


I meant to post this review yesterday but stupid moi forgot..

so hereit goes...
I'm going to review ELF' studio lip liner in the shade natural..

Very sleek, closes thoroughly,
comes with a brush at the other end.
One of the two brushes has naughty strands
I find that it has very little actual product, s
o if you'd like to use the lipliner all over your lip,
 it won't last you a lifetime.
Twist up packaging.
Inconsistent amount of product.
I had more product in the red one than in the natural one. 

TEXTURE: super creamy
LASTING POWER: decent, but fades away faster than most of my lipliners.

First of all, it is very important to note that the shades of the products
in the packaging look deeper than when swatched. NATURAL: A peachy brown neutral shade

BOTTOM LINE:  I really enjoy using these, I prefer the texture of these lipliners,
 over any other lipliner that I have..
because they're super creamy,
they might have less of a staying po…

Possible DUPEs?! ELF peachy lipliner vs Essence nude coral lipliner ..

I hope you're all okay and enjoying your day.  I have a comparison post today of two products which can be possible dupes to each other..  but are they?? 
I am talking about  ELF mineral lipliner in peachy vs Essence lip liner in nude coral

I initially purchased ELF's mineral lipliner in peachy, loved it, bought a back up. Then I found out about Essence, and something that caught my eye was this Essence nude coral lipliner. 
Now this Essence lipliner costs like €1.03 whereas the  ELF one costs £3. 
Anyway here's what I think. 

They might seem like possible dupes when used seperately,  HOWEVER A. the formula is different - ELF's is more creamy B. packaging - ELF's a twist up lip liner C. shade - ELF's is more coral and peachy, whereas Essence's leans more pink D. pigmentation - ELF's is more pigmented  so that's about it. I wouldn't call these dupes,  they might seem like similar products when used seperately though. 

I don…

AND FINALLY ! A would you rather tag video :D

Sorry for the lack of posting recently,  I've been extremely busy and I had to stay away from blogging for a while  because I literally barely have time for it.. 
Anyway -  I wanted to share with you my recently uploaded Would you rather tag video which you can check out below:

I hope you guys like it,  let me know what you think below :)
Dyna xxx

Essence mono eyeshadow in 01 chill out [review w/ swatches!!]

I have a review on a product I believe is doscontinued,  but I know some pharmacies still carry these. I actually love my other mono eyeshadows which I reviewed HERE
This one, not so much.  I'll let you know why below :)
 I actually featured this in my January hits and misses video below:

PACKAGING Pretty sleek, and surprisingly,  not very cheap looking.  I have not had any issues with the packaging,  closes securely and is very sturdy.  It has a nice design printed on the eyeshadow.   and you get 2.5g of product which is A LOT.

TEXTURE While my older mono eyeshadows that I got were soft and buttery,  this is more powdery unfortunately. 
FALLOUT Not really

LASTING POWER Pretty decent, when used over a primer
PIGMENTATION Lacks pigmentation. 

SHADES A sheer white with silver metallic sheen

BOTTOM LINE A less than decent item in my collection,  I don't entirely hate it.  I don't love it.  I don't recommend it.

I hope you found this helpful guys,
till the next po…

One of my favourite nail combos ever - blue, black and crackle:D

I don't know why I don't enjoy doing nail posts as much as I love doing makeup posts, but I do get asked a lot on what I wear on my nails in videos and even in person.. 
So I'd love to show you my nail combinations. As many of you might know, I used to do gel nails on my nails.. but then I got bored of the long nails and  I like my short nails more than I used to like my gel nails.
They're easier to maintain, quicker to do,  and look cuter and more natural.
Anyway..  In this photo below I used NYX matte nail polish in sky blue [a highly underrated product. - this truly is worth the try ]
and I topped it off with Barry M's nail effects in black. [got this in a swap]

Looks pretty doesn't it? :D

I hope you like this, and let me know if you'd like to see more nail posts below :D Take care guys!

  FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal …