5 random things of today...

#1. SAD STORY. I broke my Model in a Bottle. 
Not that I cried over it, because I actually hated spraying it in my face.. 
but it was nice to have in my collection.

#2. My April Favourites video was uploading and my Mozilla Firefox crashed. 
Thx# -.-

#3. Picked up Stefy Puglisevich's blogger invite and mine too to the Malta Fashion Week launch.
Woohoo! So excited!!

#4. I recently discovered ebay is a pretty awesome place to shop for clothes at. I have received one really crappy dress.. But the rest. Pretty awesome. 

#5. I have my finals soon. And I barely started doing anything. 
I hope I'll feel like studying and all soon. 
Because this shouldn't be happening right now. 

Oh well.
those were my 5 things of the day. 
Goodbye for now -


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