Catrice Colour Infusion long lasting lipstain swatches - all shades!


For all those who were wondering how the Catrice lip stains look like when swatched.. 

here are the swatches :)

I could not find this product online for some reason,
so I don't know the shade names but here's what they look like :)

I personally don't like lip stains overall.. 
I prefer to use lipliners or lipsticks... 

so I won't be trying these out probably .. 

but I wanted to share how they swatched :)

I hope you found this helpful, 
and till the next post,
take care,

FTC Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this post, I don't own any of the products mentioned, and anything I expressed was from my own opinion. This is not a review, I merely swatched them at the stand.


  1. I'm not all that big on lip stains unless I'm doing a natural look- then I usually use Benetint. Great swatches though, I may rethink my previous stance:)


  2. Where did you find the Catrice products?


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