How to be the awesomest teen on facebook!

 Ok. If you don't have a sense of humour, 
and can't take the joke. 
Get off this page. 

Still here?!
Then read on.

So we all know how tough teenage years are. 
I've been friend requested by teens. 
And honestly...
their activities on facebook
are just way too funny at times.

So, just because I'm so darn nice.
I decided to dedicate a post to all teens who do these stuff.

and here's your 13 step guide to be the AWESOMEST teen on facebook.  
or not.

 Make sure all your photos are blurred so no parts of your face are actually recognisable if seen in person. This is not done as a means of protection, it's just too cool to be unrecognisable in photos. You HAVE to do it.

 Don't for the love of language use good english. You're just above that. So make sure to mess it up as much as you possibly can. The harder it is to read, the awesomer you are.

If you feel like grabbing attention to your newly uploaded status wRiTe EvEry FrEaKiNg tHiNg lIkE tHis. WhY?  Because, again, you're just awesome. 

 Make sure you have a photo in the bathroom. And if you're only wearing undies.. that's even better. Because you're too cool for clothes.

 If you're craving comments on your newly uploaded photo.... Say you don't like it. That way, the stupid people reading what you said will tell you you look awesome. Because the fact that you uploaded it, does NOT imply that you like your own photo. duh!

 If no one likes your photo - make sure you freaking share it. Because people have to freaking like it. It's your photo dammit.

 Add every person whose profile you encounter. The more people you have as your friends on facebook, the more popular you'd look. And if you're close to exceeding the friend limit, that's as awesome as you'll get.

Like and comment on every single thing your best friend posts. and make sure you tell her you love him or her on 93.9% of the comments you post.

 If you're dating someone, even if you only went out with the guy/ girl once... make sure to change your status to in a relationship. Don't forget it's all about letting people know what you're up to. And when you stop dating, make sure to make a big deal about it and and and... to make you even more awesome, say you fell in love so freaking deep you can barely hold on to life. Yeah, that ought to get you some likes.

If you're not dating someone. MAKE SURE you set your relationship status "in a relationship" with your same sex friend, even though you're not gay, and you're not in a relationship. But HOW DARE YOU leave your relationship status on "single"

 Thank everyone who likes your status or photo. Because you were raised right goddammit.

 # 12.
 If you're seeking likes, make sure you tag every foresaken person you know. And if you write hot and sexy with paint on the photo, all the better. That tends to act like a brainwashing propoganda, you see, people will actually believe that.

# 13. 
And FINALLY. make sure you like your own status, photos and everything you post. Because you're just freaking awesome.  

 Again. No negative comments. 
Can't take the joke? 
Don't read it dude. 

I salute you!
-Dyna :D


  1. ahhaha . freaking awesome dyna! dammit :) ahhahahhahahahahah

  2. lol funny!

  3. Are you gonna put that duck face photo on every post now`:D:D:D:D:D:DD

  4. Haha that's hilarious dyna, and so true! X

  5. haha love this! and so so true!!!

    New follower here sweety x

  6. Haha, that was hilarious!!! <3 this post

  7. And that my friend is why I don't do Facebook! :)

    1. Trust me Emily, it can be so freaking entertaining at times. I love how a class mate my age, went out with a guy .. a week after she changed her status in a relationship. And publicly wrote she loved him. HAHA. those type of people are my laughing stock. Haha, yes. it can get pretty entertaining haha.

  8. I'm friends with some pre teens, they're awful! Just like you described here! x

  9. I'm a teenager but I don't do these things but most of the people at my school that have facebooks do. That was a hilarious post!
    Adore your blog!

  10. I know you were trying to make a joke, but it was a bit mean.
    If you were a teen, would you like people making fun of you like that? Even if the joke is justified.
    I'm all for fun and games, but think about the teens reading this blog.

    1. what did I say so wrong that would affect them? It's true.. a lot of teens do these stuff on facebook, and look ridiculous. If anything. This post is an eye opener hunny.

    2. I think normal thinking and acting teens will have a laugh at that...the ones depicted here probably won't get it ^^

  11. haha dy i laughed ass off reading this :)

  12. if you don't want negative comments you shouldn't blog or be on facebook or anything.

  13. You wrote on your post: no negative comments. On the Internet all can be cruel and vicious, so if you are afraid of negative comments, you shouldn't be here and make yourself an easy pray for those soulless creatures.

    1. true :/ .. I tried to brainwash people into not posting any bad comments haha :P oh well.. I tried. x


  15. This is so awkward, because I'm 16, behave like a 12 year old and at the same time do none of these things. You have however captured everyone in my college in a nutshell. Thanks for the laugh :) x

  16. lol, love it! The worst thing is when my fb friends that are not teens any more continue to do these things! Arghhhh!

  17. Haha thats awesome- my 14 year old sister can confirm that almost all of her school friends do all of those things... :) We were both laughing hysterically reading this!

  18. I just effin' pissed myself laughing...what you wrote is sooo true....and the worst is, it's an international in Germany the kids are just as bad ^^ But at least they are kinda stylish nowadays, back in the 90' we wore dungarees and grunge stuff... but at least we were "cool" in real life! :-D

    I love your humor honey and have got to share this :-*


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