My 1st Project 10 pan! - and I'll be bending the rules just a little :D


I have been meaning to go on a Project 10 Pan for the longest while 
but I always cave before I even start it. 
Now initially I planned to choose 10 items and finish those items. 

I don't want to do that. 
Because otherwise I'll limit myself to using those products and I don't want that. 

So instead.. 
I decided to finish ANY 10 items in my collection.. 
It can be a makeup / hair / skincare / nail product..
and then only when I'll finish those 10 items I will allow myself to buy another 10  items.. 
If I decide to repurchase a product .. 
that will count as part of the 10 product I will allow myself to purchase.

So from today on, I shall buy no more products until I finish my 10 items :D 

Wish me luck guys!! :D



  1. Mine is going pretty well so good luck with yours :) feels good finishing up products so much so that I have also raided all my other beauty products apart from make-up and have finished up loads of products already!

  2. Good luck Dyna!
    This is a great idea, i def should be doing something
    similar! =)

  3. I should do this great idea!!!

  4. I have just done a project 14 pan. It was hard and I kept thinking "why did I choose 14 specific products instead of any 14 products" that would have been a lot easier for me to do. Next time I will do it your way :) good luck girl.

  5. Good luck Dyna, it feels so good finishing make up items!!


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