Nivea tinted moisturiser [review w/ swatches!] - a stupid excuse of a product, actually.


I have a review on a bad product today. 
I'm going to say bad. 
Because it was bad for me. 
It might have been something you liked, 
or something you'll like. 
So feel free to use the comment section 
to say you like the product, if you do. 

I like Nivea quite a lot, 
I like their lip balms (well, 2 of them at least)
Their face products, skincare.. 
I love it. 
I also like the price tag. 

I don't mean to be offensive, 
but I seriously hate this product. 
I hate wasting money on products I can't use. 
and honestly, 
this one is one of those for me.

First off. 
I have normal to dry skin. 
 I have a medium skintone. 
and I'm not into SPF foundations, tinted moisturisers and all that. 

So I love that this has no SPF.

I also like the packaging, 
pretty cute, 
pretty handy. 
great amount of product.

It applies really smoothe on the skin
and feels really refreshing actually
seems like it blends effortlessly.

But then it dries.

it oxidises on my skin and looks darker.
looks streaky,
and makes my face look dirty

plus it flakes off. GROSS
HATE the product. 
I'm throwing it away basically. 
Or actually. 
I'll keep it for a Products I regret buying video.

That's it. 
You served your purpose. 

I hope you found this somewhat helpful and stay tuned for the next post guys,


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. hey doll, i completely agree with you- i also hate this tinted moisturiser. it oxidises terribly on my skin, it's streaky, greasy- hate it. Like Nivea but imo this was a waste of money!

  2. where did youu but it from? some shops let youu take it back:)

    1. not here hunny, they don't do that for opened products.. I live in Malta :) x

  3. I couldn't agree more,this si a very bad product...

  4. Looks terrible! I wouldn't want to try it.


  5. I think 6 years ago I used to use a tinted moisturizer from Nivea and looking back at pictures from that time, I see what my younger eye couldn't see on that time : it was looking awful on my skin! Too bad that they didn't improve their products when is about tinted moisturizers...

  6. Used this product when I was 13 and unwittingly made my acne flare up for the first time. NOT for oily/acne-prone skin!

  7. Hey Dyna :) thanks for the review. I recently read somewhere that NIvea tests on animals, do you know if that's true? I know you care about animals well being and you mostly buy cruelty free so I thought that maybe you knew wether or not Nivea is cruelty free? I was really bummed to learn that Garnier is not.

    1. As far as I know there's a controversy about it being cruelty free or not. They claim to be but some people say they do test on animals. I'm not sure though x

    2. Oh ok. I think some people are too busy accusing brands of testing on animals. It's so hard to figure out some times who really do test on animals. Thanks for taking time to answer :)


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