Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in OMG I want that! [review w/ swatches!!]


I apologise for the overload of Catrice reviews lately.. 
but I've been trying a lot of their stuff 
and I'm AMAZED by the quality of this brand.. 
they have some seriously great stuff.. 

The spotlight today is on the OMG I WANT THAT! palette 
from the Absolute Eye Colour range :D

Sleek plastic packaging, 
have not had any problems,
and you can see the eyeshadows through it.

They are creamy generally speaking. 
But the lightest shade is seriously chalky .. 
and the black one is slightly powdery. 
The brown and green shades are very silky and smoothe though.

They lasted all day without a base, 
just a primer on me.

Very nicely pigmented.

A sheer yellow brown with a golden metallic sheen. 
A matte black with blue and silver sparkle
A sheer metallic olive green shade
A frosty golden-yellow highlight shade

I like to initially use the black shade all over the lid
and then layer that with the brown shade, 
layer that with the green shade
and use the highlight shade on the inner tear duct..
For the most gorgeous smokey eye

I'm wearing a asmokey eye using this palette in my hair cutting tutorial :)

I seriously love this palette. 
Definitely worth getting if you're a fan of smokey eyes, 
I wish the creamy highlight shade wasn't as chalky..

I hope you liked this review guys,
till the next post,
take care :D


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I got the product for free in a swap and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :) 


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