I'm writing this precisely at 11.58pm. 
so yes - 2 mins from now it will be midnight.. 
and till I actually write it all up.. God knows what time it will be. 

BUT! I want you to see what I saw at the Upcoming Designers Fashion Show as part of the Mercedez-Benz Malta Fashion Week tonight..
A few hours ago.. 

Now I need to waste two sentences telling you I am the most horrible photographer in the world. 
So if you want awesome photos - 
this is not the place dears. 
But it was quite fun trying to pretend you're an awesome photographer for the night haha. 

But before I start telling you what I thought about the 14 designers' show.. 

A few random things I discovered:
#1. When you fail to take a good photo of the front of the dress and attempt to take a photo of the back of the dress, it feels like you're checking out that model's bottom. 
#2. Lara's shoes were in the way of my camera. Yes. My shutter speed is apparently very slow and by the time I lowered my camera because I thought the photo had already been taken, Lara's shoes are being photographed. She had some pretty cute shoes though. :D

#3. APPARENTLY. When people like a dress on the model that's walking on the catwalk. They clap. WHO KNEW?! [can you tell I've never been to a fashion show before? Haha.]
#4. The pretty cupcakes everyone was eating at the end of the show magically disappeared. Not good. I didn't get my pretty cupcake. 

Stefy from Stefy Puglisevich
Lara from Boffism

The show was sponsored by:
Aldo shoes and accessories (I was literally LUSTING over the shoes models were wearing),

The designers:
1. Celeste by Martina 

Celeste by Martina showcased her 4th collection inspired by petals and flowers. When I heard it was inspired by petals and flowers, I expected a lot of florals, however, the colours were deeper than expected. The fabric seemed very flowing and very Spring-appropriate, and the collection also included some patterns, brighter and lighter colours which would suit everyone's taste. My personal favourite is an orange chic flowing dress I would definitely wear. 
The Gremar by Marie Grech


This collection was inspired by the affection of wild, passion and romance which reflects the artistry of beauty and personality of the designer. This collection had a more elegant twist to it. The eyecatching bright colours and vivid detail on the dresses were definitely the highlight of this collection. I loved the romantic elegant look on the dresses and there were definitely some great stand out pieces in this collection. My absolute favourite was the wine dress, with the beautiful lace detail, I loved the contrast throughout the dress. Very chic and beaitifully designed.

Creative Factory 7 :
by Charlene and Angelique
tailored by Gaetano Deguara

 This collection was inspired by Maltese landscap, and it was very interesting indeed to see such landscape printed on such dresses. Very artistic indeed, and truly beautiful to watch. I love the idea, however I wish I saw more versatility throughout the collection. I loved the contrast that the bright colours have with the black on the dress and how it compliments the pattern and colours on the print.

Nadege Renee


Inspired by the tropical and exotic hues, this jewellery line included rhinestones and tribal wear. It entailed some beautiful statement pieces as well as more subtle pieces.

Silent Rebel by Eli Sha

 This collection was all about the layering of outfits and an almost tribal look which quite worked with tht colours and style of the whole collection

Fleur Kelinza Couture


Inspired by West African roots as well as Milan and New York fashion and the concepts of
light, laugh and laughter, 
the elegance od the deeper colours as well as the tribal look prevailed throughout the collection. 
These dresses are definitely not for the faint hearted. My favourite dress was the simple satin deep blue strapless dress with gorgeous lace detail. Another favourite of mine is a longbone shoulder gown which looked divine on the model.

Samantha Muscat

This fashion designer is a newcomer with a funky and fashionable line. I love the contrast between the black and white, and the use of patterns and stripes in her collection. It was very refreshing and I loved the edginess of the whole outfits and there were a lot of standout pieces in this collection. I loved the coat with the biker look, something I would defintely love to wear. I also loved the biker jacket - striped skirt combination, very eyecatching. 

Dali Autumn winter – handbag collection

I was fascinated when I heard that there was a handbag collection and that she designs and manufactures them herself. Very impressive indeed. Her bags included chic patterns, florals, and bright colours. The collection has different designs and shapes to fit whatever a person would need.

Ludmilla Lane
Sarah Jacobs

University for the Creative Arts in the UK

 Quite an impressive collection, very flowing, and comfortably looking whilst still looking chic and eye catching. My favoruite two pieces were a long chiffon dress which has a nice pop of colours and flows like a dream and a white playsuit type of look with a nice detail on the top and trousers as the bottoms. A very fabulous collection.

Erin Coal


Erin Coal's style is described as distinctive with an opulent touch. I quite liked the veil in person, it looked quite nice in person, however it did not photograoh very well and it highly distracted from the gorgeous clothing line, in my opinion.  There were some outfits that really stood out to me, however.

Sef Farrugia


The main focus here is printed and embroider fabrics,
based on films during the colonial era. 
This range was quite different than the other ones, but it was eyecatching, 
detailed and almost retroish. 
The patterns were almost tribal-like including pops of colour.
A very nice collection indeed.

Ewa Nowacka
- ethnic nights collection

Quite a wearable collection, deep dark colours and beautiful detail. Quite simple, yet elegant and classy. 
A very nice collection.

Stacey Spiteri

This collection is all about wearable fashion forward and inexpensive clothing wanted by everyday girl wanting to look smart and good. A wearable collection including gorgeous patterns and combinations. Something I would go for definitely. There were quite some items that stood out in the collection to me. Quite a versatile collection; from nicely detailed coats to gorgeous outfits. The almost tribal patterns were very eyecatching and the outfits are very flattering.

Jewels by the orient
collection by Muriel
An almost tribal collection, with deeper colours and beautiful hues. They contained some nice detail as well as beautiful patterns and cuts. 

That's it for this lengthy post.. 
I hope you enjoyed it guys!
Let me know what you think :)
and FYI It's 2.17AM right now ;)


 FTC Disclaimer: I am not paid to do this post. I am not affiliated with any brand, and I am always a 100% honest in my posts.


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