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This month has probably been the ultimate month  when it  comes to wearing least makeup.
So I do not have a lot of favourites this month. As I explained on twitter and on my facebook I will not upload an August Favourites video because I did not have time to film one  and I film at another location. 
Anyway here are my favourites!
NIVEA SOS lip relief! The best lip balm ever for my chapped lips :D

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour in Go! Charlie Brown! I've been hooked to this eyeshadows for my brows but since my hair got lighter I'm looking for something even lighter..  because sometimes I look like drag-queen gone wrong. 

Essence kiss care love lip balm in 03 caribbean sunrise I have used this lip balm quite a lot this month,  it has a slight sheer peachy nude tint to it,  a lovely smell  and a nice taste too.  I know, I shouldn't be eating it,  but this stuff is so yummy it's addictive!

Essence soul sista bronzing powder in 01 Shake your booty I thought I was…

Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colour in 969 24 Carrot Gold [review w/ swatches!]

I got three of these lipsticks a few months back,  They are a rather recent addition to the Wet n Wild line,  they were launch in Spring 2012 and I believe there are 5-6 lipstick in total.  I got 3 of them..  namely: Dollhouse Pink 967 Pinkerbell 968 Carrot Gold 969
This review will be about 969 Carrot Gold

PACKAGING I have an issue with Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Color packaging.  The packaging is very cheap.  It often breaks,  It gets scratched,  it gets detached,  and it becomes matte as the paint is scratched off.  But at least, the lipstick stays stuck to the packaging.  Never had an issue with that.

TEXTURE A semi-matte finish upon application,  but dries matte eventually.  If I say this doesn't give you an annoying line,  I'd be lying. If I say this is is not drying, I'd be lying.  But I don't really mind that a lot,  I've learnt to work around it and all matte lipsticks.

PIGMENTATION VERY pigmented.  It might even stain your lips after some time.


Space Queen and Modern Romance !

HELLO GUYS!! I have a nail combination today!

I layered colours on my nails 
So I used

the Essence colour & go nail polish in 110 Modern Romance

and topped it with

Essence colour & go nail polish in 103 Space Queen

 I hope you like it! I definitely do :D
Thanks for tuning in guys.. and take care!
Dyna xxx

 FTC Disclaimer: I got all of these items for free at the Bloggers Event at PharmaMT (importers for Essence and Catrice).  I am not being paid for this post, nor am I obliged to do videos/ posts featuring their products. My loyalty is always towards my subscribers. I would never avoid saying something just because I got an item for free.

NYX matte lipstick in MLS10 Perfect Red [review w/ swatches!]

I have a review on one seriously amazing lipstick from NYX!
It's called Perfect Red..  and it's a matte lipstick. 
but I'm telling you all about it below :D

PACKAGING Sleek black packaging, with a see-through part.  Risky packaging, if I might say,  because packaging similar to this is quite hard to master.  It often looks cheap and unappealing.  But this one doesn't.

TEXTURE A silky-smoothe texture, that glides onto your lips like a dream.

PIGMENTATION VERY pigmented.  It might even stain your lips after some time. 

SCENT No detectable scent.

FINISH Matte.  totally matte.  But not drying or anything. 

LASTING POWER  Needs reapplying after several hours (around 5) but lasts a very long time. 

SHADE The PERFECT red.  It has just enough blue based undertone to it.  It's almost a neutral red in fact, but it still whitens your teeth. Suits all skintones!

BOTTOM LINE I HIGHLY recommend this lipstick! I truly love this,  This product is truly amazing.  You WILL NOT…

ELF regular dramatic false lashes [review w/ photos!]

I have had these ELF dramatic false eyelashes for over a year,  They never quite lured me to use them.
I have tried the natural lashes from ELF -  and I disliked them to be honest.  Check out the FULL REVIEW HERE! But this one time,  I felt guilty I never gave these things a go so I went ahead and put them on.

The band is better than the natural ones, and it's quite flexible.  I quite like it. It doesn't come close to the Ardell false eyelashes but they're okay. Similar to ebay ones.

The actual false eyelashes are somewhat inconsistent.  I am not that impressed.  Ebay lashes are cheaper and more consistent.

The packaging comes with a glue but it's virtually useless,  it doesn't even come out.  I think they might have changed it,  but I'm not sure.

So even though the lashes are quite nice,  I will not repurchase,  because there are better things on the market for the same price. 

That's it for this post
I hope you found it helpful a…

Essence eyeshadow brush REVIEW!

I haven't done a brush review in a while,  and this time round it's going to be about a new one from Essence,
it's called the eyeshadow brush,  and it comes in a travel-friendly plastic packaging. 
The brush itself is quite nice,  the handle is quite sleek  and nice.

The bristles are not too dense,  and they're blue. They're not the softest I've tried. 

If the brush were more dense,  it would be perfect for smokey eyes,  and if it was bigger,  it would have been perfect for applying a sheer eyeshadow colour.

So this brush is an in between type of thing.  It's not my favourite brush,  but I tend to use it when I run out of clean brushes and it does the job just fine.

So that's it for this review!
I hope you find this helpful
- Dyna


 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest o…


I have this FOTN I wore on Friday night.. I went to dinner with some workmates..  and here's what I wore.
Note! - I have given up falsies for summer,  because I'm layering mascaras instead and it looks better for summer, I think.

NYX HD foundation in warm sand, sand beige Essence soft touch mousse makeup in 04 matt ivory Essence LE soul sista bronzer in 01 Shake your booty* NYX powder blush in peach Catrice Prime and Fine Highlighter* Clean and Clear Moisturising Mist

EYES ELF eyelid primer in nude Catrice precision eyeliner pen in 070 Puddle of Mudd* Essence LE marble mania eyeshadow in 02 Let's Get Twisted* Catrice made to stay longlasting eyeshadow 080 Copper and Gabbana* Catrice precision liner in Gold me tight * Catrice absolute eye colour in 010 Sunny we love you* Catrice intensif eye eyeshadow in 010  Vanilla sky ride  Collection 2000 glitter eyeliner* NYX single eyeshadowsin skin tight, highlight Essence longlasting eye pencil in 01 black fever E…

OOTD I'm a Barbie-girl!


I have an OOTD post today!
I don't really think about what I'm going to wear,
I usually just throw things on and wear neutral shoes and such ..
and this is no different.
Very quick for work, and still decent and smart.

WHAT I WORE Pink Skater Dress - ebay  (seller: she likes) Peacock Earrings - ebay Wedges   I wore a smokey eye to match and nothing on my lips except for lip balm. 
I hope you like it!
Would you wear pink or do you find it too girly?

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this review. I bought the product myself for my personal use and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this review is my genuine honest opinion :)