Bloggers Event! Catrice and Essence Makeup Galore!!


I'm supAHHHH excited today..
I had a bloggers event today 
and it was so so fun, 
we were introduced to new Catrice and Essence stuff.

We were told that if we like something
it's ours to keep..

There was Makeup
From the table to the  bathrooms. 
Yeah that's right - the bathrooms -

In fact, a fellow blogger..
told me there was a lip product from Catrice that everyone snatched up
in the bathroom,
so of course I went to snatch it up..

It was so so FUN..

and here's all the good stuff I got!!


So that's it for today..
Let me know if you'd like to see a review on anything particular..
I'll be reviewing these anyway..

and I will probably film a video with these products so you can see them in a proper video..
I'll probably do that next week, 

Thank you guys for tuning in..

and take care :D xx


FTC Disclaimer: I got all of these items for free at the Bloggers Event at PharmaMT (importers for Essence and Makup). I am not being paid for this post, nor am I obliged to do videos/ posts featuring their products. My loyalty is always towards my subscribers. I would never avoid saying something just because I got an item for free.


  1. Oh my gosh, everything looks amazing. I can't wait to see your reviews. I wish I could get my hands on these brands, everyone is always raving about them :)

    Xoxo, Christine♥

  2. Oh my God, so many goodies!! Lucky you ;) Can't wait to see your reviews! x

  3. Holy moly that is an amazing! I so wish Catrisse was sol din the states :(

  4. oh my gosh wowwwww!! That is a ton of stuff, that's so cool! :)

  5. omg! wish we had essence and catrice in the UK!! :D

  6. Wow freakin awesome!!!! Im jealous!!

  7. Looks like an amazing event. x

  8. ohmygosh you got soo many things!!!! wooow!
    I love essence :) we don't have catrice here though.

  9. Looks like you hit the jackpot! Can't wait to hear your reviews. JEALOUS...

  10. Lucky you!!! Can't wait to see your reviews!!!!;o))XXX

  11. I saw the photos at Lara's blog, you all looked super pretty! OMG, they told you to get whatever you want, this is every beauty addict's ultimate dream!!! Can't wait to see your posts! <3


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