Dear not-so-secret diary...


I remember I used to do this type-of-post
for a couple of days back in the day 
[ok.- fine-  maybe two months ago]

and I thought maybe I should start doing this thing again. 

I woke up with a headache this morning. I went out for some platters with my work mates and 
I had some wine.
Wine and I don't get along that well. 
Hence - the headache.
It's getting better though so that's good I guess.

I recently opened a new fan page on facebook
called Bloggers and Gurus Galore - 
check it out HERE!
- and anyway, I'm going to  get that thing running maybe us bloggers and gurus 
would have like a unique sharing page where we can share our stuff. 
Because of the way facebook is running, 
it is expected out of fan pages to pay for their post to get visible by the public, 
so it's getting really hard to promote on facebook. 
So that's like my new project at the moment. 

I have a day off today and I don't feel like doing anything. 
Also - I didn't have time to blog yesterday 
so I'll be posting my 5-post-a-day today as a punishment. 
Anyway - this is my first. 

I'm craving white chocolate smarties really bad. 
Do you remember? It's a white chocolate bar with smarties in it. 
I can't find it anywhere. 
I hope they haven't discontinued it. 
If you've seen it somewhere in Malta.. 
tell me. 
Because I'm craving it really bad. 
And I'm like a pregnant woman when it comes to craving. 

I've been hearing this sentence a bit too much lately
"I was skinnier than you when I was 20". 
LOL. It is really getting on my nerves how mature women say that randomly to me.
I don't get the point, 
my Mum's not my size 
and goddammit, 
she's still smoking.
But for some reason, I think some mature women
think I look down on them or something because I'm skinny. 
I mean, seriously, I honestly don't get it. 
 And I've been getting these random out of the blue comments 
saying "Oh I was your size before". 
*snobbish sniff*

that's it for this post.. 
and till the next one..
take care guys!



  1. This page idea looks great! I'm just wondering if it'd be better to make it a group or something. Just because groups are always on the fb sidebar and it's easy to click and see all the new posts.

    About the "I was skinnier when I was at your age" women kept saying that to me when I was younger and I wasn't skinny at all! So I guess it's just a random thing some people say LOL!


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