How I ever-so-glamorously put make up on in the morning!


It might seem like I have all the time in the world to apply makeup.
I'm in love with sleep, 
so in all honesty, I'd rather spend that extra 5 minutes in bed in the morning, 
and having a shorter makeup routine. 

Now I do like to mix it up when it comes to makeup 
I don't mix it up everyday, 
but I usually change my lipstick almost every single day.

I am currently applying makeup against a mirror on the wall, 
I do it standing,
and I put my traincase on the table just on the side,

But in all honesty,
I miss my comfortable vanity section.
There I feel like a little girl spoiled with makeup.

I miss that feeling when I'm at the beach house. :/

Anyway -
enough for this random rant.

I have a packed day tomorrow,
so I better head to shower and sleep.
But first noodles.
I need my noodles.
Have a goodnight guys!



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