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Today I have a random post..

It's not going to be a review or anything beauty-related.
It's going to be about my experience in the blogging world. 

When I first started my blog, 
it was a personal blog. 
About personal stuff, It was mainly about singing
 and it was just something I wanted to try out.
It didn't work out. 
And that's okay. 
The views were very low, and things didn't seem to improve..
and then I posted about a DIY lipgloss 
and about the gel nails I used to do back then.

And that's when the beauty blog was born. 
I don't like to think of my blog as a beauty blog. 
I mean, it IS, a beauty blog. 
But I don't like to restrict it on that. 
My favourite and most read posts are about random things 

I am not particularly fond of the title of my blog. 
If I were to go back, I would try to think of something more creative,
but I don't think I'll ever change it. 
I don't think of it as being particularly important.

Some people think having a beauty blog is so awesome 
and you get all this free stuff 
and be the owner of this awesome blog which a lot of people read and support. 
And yes, that's true.

What people don't know,
is that it takes A LOT of heart, passion, and time 
to own a blog. 

Just to give you an idea about what I do in my freetime:

 1. I check emails, I answer questions on my blog posts, youtube video, and facebook fan page. 
2. If there lighting outside is good I'd spend like 3-5 hours taking photos of products and swatches.
3. Every morning Ii try to test out new products, and during the day I'd test the longlastign power of that product. 
4. Then, if I'm sitting on my laptop and have an hour free, I'd start typing out reviews and blog posts. 
5. If I do a makeup look which seems different than the rest or it features products I haven't used before, 
I'd take photos and type out the products just before I leave the house.  
6. And lastly, I would use facebook [mainly] and twitter to promote my posts. 


It's hard work, 
it sometimes gets on your nerve to have to post daily [I try to post daily]
and I break my own rule sometimes, 
because I'm only human. 

I met a lot of people along the way [and still do]
who do not support my blog, 
people who think it's stupid, shallow and lame
to talk about makeup. 
and they used to get to me. 
But in all honesty, 
I don't freaking care anymore.

I used to disable likes on videos.. 
I don't anymore. 
It doesn't get to me if people dislike my video anymore. 
I make videos for the people who like them
not for low-life-creatures who lurk about on youtube 
thinking they can put someone down by pressing a stupid button.

Bloggers getting free products..
In all honesty.. I don't earn money off my blog.
I set up adsense like 11 months ago and I have £70 credit  over almost a year. 
If you do your math - 
I probably earned £0.001 for every hour I worked on my blog. 

And I don't mind. 

Yes, I get free products sometimes. 
The only thing that scares me sometimes, 
is that people might believe I would not be 100% honest just because I got a product for free. 
I have a big mouth, and I'm not scared to use it. 
If a company gets offended if I trash a product they sent to me for free 
[I have trashed a product I received for free 
- and no company has ever confronted me about it, 
just so we're clear], 
shame on them - 
because I don't do bribes. 
And my regular readers know that. 

There is no real point to this blog post, 
It's just a rant so-to-speak.. 
But I love blogging, and I don't want to seem like I'm moaning or anything, 
because I love everything I do on my blog, 
and when I get a "thank you" comment, it means the world to me. 

So I hope I didn't bore you out, 
but I hope it inspires you to do anything you love doing, 
because that's what you can do best :)

Thank you for your constant support..
and I'll see you guys soon! xx



  1. very well said!!

    i totally agree with you on the fact that people take it for granted on the time needed to keep a blog running!

    with regards to the youtube vids - I think its great that you left the like buttons - its a way to show losers that you don't really care abouot them, and at the end of the day, you'll still get more likes than dislikes!

  2. I agree with what you said 100percent! Plus you look gorgeous in your photo :)

  3. I agree with what you said Dyna! well done :) xx


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