Catrice duo smokey eyes brush! [review w/ photos]


I'm going to review the brand new [well not so brand new, now - but still]
Catrice duo smokey eyes brush!


I have had this brush since the Catrice launch I attended in February, 
so I have had quite some practice with this. 

So the brush overall is tiny. 
It's great for travelling, 
but I find that I don't reach for it often because it's close to invisible next to my other brushes.


The handle is great. It's black, 
very sleek. 

The bristles are taklon, 
very soft 
very sturdy.


One side - is a rather big angled eyeliner brush, 
quite nice, 
slightly too big for my taste, 
but I tend to reach for this brush when I run out of angled brushes.

The other side - is a stiff crease brush, 
which is quite nice to cut-crease and all that. 
But I would need another brush to blend it.
This brush is not for blending,
but you can use it to smoke your liner.

I think that's about it for this review. 
I think it's a lovely brush to own, 
it might not be as practical because it's quite short, 
but it's still nice to have.

I believe this retails for €4.50 - €5

I hope you found this helpful and let me know what you think below !

In the meantime,
take care!


 FTC Disclaimer: I didn't pay for the product. I got it for free in a goody bag at the Essence / Catrice launch organised by PharmaMT. I am not obliged to feature, review or talk about their products. I am not being paid for this post, and I am 100% honest in my posts because my priority is my readers.


  1. i never saw this in the Catrice stall in my area.
    but i really like catrice brushes. i have the eyeliner duo brush:)


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