Essence colour & go nail polish in #110 Modern Romance [review w/ swatches !]


At the Bloggers' Event I was invited to 
organised by PharmaMT (importers of Catrice and Essence)
we were introduced to the NEW and improved packaging of Essence nail polishes.

They hold more product now, (8ml vs 5ml)
and the packaging is more appealing. 
They have reformulated the formula
so now it claims to have a gel-like finish without the need for a top coat.

They have kept the old shades, 
and launched new ones too. 

I personally LOVE the new packaging!
It's far more appealing 
and it's still quite tiny if you like to carry nail polishes in your bag. 

The fact that it has more product
doesn't really affect me 
because I hardly ever manage to use the whole nail polish before it dries up. 

As for the formula. 
It's basically the same. 
I must admit it dries a bit faster than it used to. 
and seems to be glossier.

As for colour payoff, 
it varies from one nail polish to another. 
This one, 110 Modern Romance, was rather sheer,
so it needed 3 coats for maximum colour payoff.

The wand is now better as well, 
At least, I like it better. 
The brush seems to be made of fibre bristles and it is quite sturdy.
 It isn't too big, but it's bigger, 
it's also flat and a bit fancier.
I like this brush better personally. 

A beautiful soft nude pastel peach shade. It has soft pink shimmer in the tube but it gets lost when swatching.

I hope this post was helpful, 
and till the next post, 
take care!
FTC Disclaimer: I got all of these items for free at the Bloggers Event at PharmaMT (importers for Essence and Catrice).  I am not being paid for this post, nor am I obliged to do videos/ posts featuring their products. My loyalty is always towards my subscribers. I would never avoid saying something just because I got an item for free.


  1. cute color and love the new packaging :)

  2. I bought this nail polish today and it's such a pretty shade! I love it!
    Come join my international giveaway if you like! :)

  3. That is quite a pretty color! :)
    I find - having almost 500 bottles of polish, myself - that polishes with a slight opulence, need a good top coat, regardless of the "super shine" qualities, the color promises.
    I recommend IBD Top Coat for everything - it really does look like gel, it's strong, surface dries in a matter of seconds & completely dries in less than 1 minute!! It's truly amazing stuff!!
    Also, just a little tip with your painting technique: I know it can be quite difficult to paint perfectly, if you have shaky hands. I'm ambidextrous, which makes me a pretty darn lucky duckling!! lol
    But, steering clear of the cuticle edge by at least 1mm, makes your job look like a pro mani & also - this is quite clever - if you paint the whole nail surface (yes, up to the cuticle) with base coat, then avoid the cuticle with the color, then paint the whole nail surface (same as base coat) with the top coat; the base & top coats fuse together & hold better, which means less chipping & longer wear. ;)

    I should probably have my own blog, given I paint my nails a different color, almost everyday lol
    But I'm a little hopeless at remembering to post/talk about it, every time!! hahaha
    & I'd much rather browse, read & learn new things from everyone else's blogs! :)

    Keep up the awesome blogging, my fellow polish sister!! <3 xo

    1. OOPS!! I was going to add my favorite brands!!

      China Glaze (their base & top coats are also pretty amazing - quite similar to the IBD, in drying time)
      Essence - I actually have a bottle of it in front of me, right now lol - "166 Mister Rusty" ;) It's a beautiful super shimmery copper!!
      LA Colors ART DECO nail art
      Ulta3 (best cheap polish I've ever used!!)
      & A new brand I discovered: "Glossy Blossom", found in a Japanese cartoon character novelty store, called "Morning Glory".

      I'm a lover of brands that make polishes that only need one coat!!!
      I also loooove glitter to death, but most glitter polishes can't promise even coverage with one coat & that's a shame.
      It's also a pain in the arse to remove!!!!
      OPI is releasing a new product called "GLITTER OFF" (available in Australia, July 2014). Which you apply as a base coat (under your glitter) & when you're over your color, you simply peel it off... which sounds heavenly in relation to removal, but kinda unreliable for quality of wear.

      But hey, what do I care? I change my color so often, you'd think the polish would be off before it even got a chance to dry!! LOL


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