Essence multi action false lashes mascara | review w/ swatches !


So, as you guys probably already know,
I am veerrry picky with my mascaras.

I'm a pain to please.

I have not yet found my HG mascara.
and I've been trying out quite a few mascaras ever since my mind flipped to Make Up Freak Mode.

I believe this mascara is getting discontinued 
and I'm kind of disappointed about this, 
because it's quite a good mascara
it's a shame. 
But I'll let you know all about it below :)

Pretty sleek and cute,
black and cute wordings
and the typed out letters did not fade
I had no problems whatsoever when it comes to the packaging..

A rather typical mascara wand
fibre bristles
not too big, not too small
nothing special
Medium sized

Quite an intense shade of black

A little


This gives me a nice clumpy look to my lashes which adds volume, 
I quite like it.
It might flake a bit, though.

Paired with other mascaras.

Everyone who likes a mascara that makes your lashes stand out. 
Not over the top standing out, but quite good. 

I am quite pleased with this mascara and 
I wish it won't be discontinued 
because so far it's the best Essence mascara I've tried
I would have repurchased it. 
If you find this in the stand, 
snatch one up,
this stuff is good.

I hope you found this helpful guys,
Let me know what you think :)


  FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless stated otherwise and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. hi Dina!! love your reviews, But i think you put so many mascara on your lashes!!! you don't need that much hun, you have the most beautifull eyes!! well maybe is only me that don't like to see eyelashes with so much mascara on :(

    1. I dont really like the clumpy look either, but that is what is so great about makeup, there are no rules and as long as the person wearing the makeup is happy with the look, that is all that matters. There are a lot of people loving the clumpy look, so to them it must be nice to have a blogger that can give them these kind of rviews. Don't get me wrong, I know you ment in the nicest way that Dyna has pretty eyes even without the makeup, and she does. So I am not trying to bash anyone :)

    2. yes maybe you're right :) thanks for understanding the meaning, i know that many people will not read it like you did. But is ok =D

    3. Different tastes dear, I actually love big lashes.. even false lashes. My boyfriend tells me he prefers me with my natural lashes packed with mascara, but I prefer false lashes for a night out. I appreciate your opinion, but I love packing my mascara on I think it works on me. PS- you have to keep in mind that close up photos might be scary and it doesn't look as extreme on a full face shot xx


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