MEN: What to NOT do on your first date !


Ok just for fun 
(because some people actually take these posts very seriously - it's meant to be fun, chill people!)
Now these are things that have happened to me,
I happen to be quite the loser/jerk-magnet. 
And every now and then I meet someone 
who's genuine, 
But. there still are some things that would put any girl off 

1. DON'T bring your childhood photo album with you.  
Oh man. My friends heard this one a few too many times. Yes, there was a specific someone who brought his photo album with him. Needless to say, there wasn't a second date.

2. DON'T stare at hot girls ALL the time. 
Look at your missy. Or soon enough you'll look and she'll be gone.
 It's rude, stupid, and immature to stare at other girls when you're on a date.
Trust me, she can look at other men if she wanted to, but she chooses not to,
if she's a lady.

3. DON'T .. hold on. let me rephrase that... NEVER say that a girl is hotter than your girl.
If you have a tendency to do that, you're just plain stupid.
It just so happens that you're not the hottest guy around, so just shut up and enjoy your lady's company.

4. DON'T check out the girls your friends are making out with. 
Really, don't.
A big NO NO.
5. DON'T ask your girl when she's leaving like a trillion times.
Chances are, she'll leave that second.
 Yeah, that implies you WANT her to leave.
If you want a second date, don't do that.
6. DON'T EVER say you don't like what she's wearing. Even if you don't. 
Ok, women are a bit sensitive when it comes to what they wear.
If you don't like it,
don't talk about it.
AND. Most importantly, DON'T say you don't like it.
7. DON'T say her boobs are too small OR fake. Oh man. 
Yeah. Women have differently sized breasts.
Deal with it.
Don't freaking talk about it or compare.

8. DON'T say to her that she has "a dark side". Most probably she'll show it to you.
AND yes. This happened too.

9. DON'T ask her to take off the extensions so you'll see how it works. 
Yes, I was wearing two strands of really blonde  hair to contrast with my previously brown hair. And the doof, asked me to take one out.. so he could see how it works. There are some things a guy should never know, and if anything, not on the first bloody date.
10. DON'T laugh or even worse... tell her you don't care if she opens up to you. 
If a girl is opening up to you, just listen, dumbass. Or she'll show you the door real soon.

Ladies- anything to add?



  1. hahah. these are so true!

    massive turn offs!

  2. So TRUE hahaha, I have to say that you have a magnet to stupid boys, you are great fun, you can do it so much better!

  3. So true!! Take off the extensions? Really? Why would he care in the first place? Also, if they comment on boobs, would they like us commenting on biceps or something? I don't think so!

  4. ha ha was really a fun reading post...boys plz take it seriously


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