Two-toned lipstick?

Hey dolls !
Photo: The coolest new way to wear lipstick--click here:
 Photo credit: Cosmopolitan Magazine

Two toned lipstick- To me, it looks like you weren't sure which lipstick to wear so you wear one on the top lip and the second on the bottom lip. Also, I wonder how people would manage not rubbing their lips together a whole day / night. 

Would you wear a two toned lipstick?
What do you think about it? 

- Dyna


  1. I don't think this is pretty wearable.. If you smack your lips together too much, there goes the whole two tone. Could work with lipstains though

  2. I think I would prefer Ombre lips. This look could be done using 2 lip stains or 2 smudge proof lipsticks, but I don't really care for the look :)

  3. I guess it depends because maybe red and reddish pink would be great but orange and pink... uh a little too much for me!

  4. I'd go for it, but not with completely contrasting colors. Like maybe a deep red and a slightly brighter or lighter one just so the difference is subtle but still there.


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