Victims of sexual violence “first provoke and then run off pretending to cry” - Dr Muscat

I have a slightly different post today. 
Something that infuriates me, really. 

This particular man, an former MP who is often thought of highly in Malta has uttered these stupid statements below:

“Being insulted or mocked... a man might lose his temper and sock it to her. But one has to see how long she had been needling him,” Dr Muscat said.
“Alcohol aside – because that’s another issue, where the man is to blame – no man just enters his home and beats his wife for the fun of it. Just as female violence is a reaction to something, male violence is too,” he continued.
Victims of sexual violence also had to look long and hard in the mirror, Dr Muscat said. “Lots of women first provoke and then run off pretending to cry.”

Source: Times of Malta

 I am more than appalled at this. And I feel I should have my say, 
because you know what .. 
this is an irresponsible way to handle these matters. 
This subject is highly sensitive and no one..
I repeat NO ONE should ever.. EVER! .. blame the victim. 

A victim is always a victim no matter what the victim does or says. 

How dare someone say that a victim of rape "PROVOKES".
It infuriates me that someone said that IN PUBLIC!

I read this thing on facebook once:
"Oh you raped her because she provoked you?
 I should punch you, then, because your stupidity provokes me"

Fits the situation just right, I guess.

In my opinion, violence often happens because one person knows they have the ability to hurt the other person. 
And that is so unfair.. and just plain disgusting. 
Whether the attacker is a man or a woman - domestic violence is WRONG!

As is violence on children. 
Parents or Adults hit their children for numerous reasons 
but it's ALWAYS wrong. 

That's another subject though. 

But when he said that men are most often provoked to hit their women, 
that is just plain stupid and serves as a form of justification no matter what how many times he says 
that he believes domestic violence is wrong - 
by saying Ah men are provoked into doing it IS a form of justification. 

Read the article HERE
I'm just digusted about this. 

What do you think? 



  1. Makes me wonder what goes on behind his closed doors if he can come out with S**t like that.....oh my blood started to boil when you posted the article up on facebook he will live to regret what he said watch wait and see!!!!


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