Heart to Heart: My insecurity

recently I've uploaded a video called My insecurity .. 

I've talked about this issue before. 
I hope you like it! 

- Dyna 


  1. I cant watch this video now as I'm on my mobile. I think you are beautiful :) (in a none creepy weird way!)

  2. Hi Dyna,
    I think it's a brave thing talking about this issue, and I admire you for that.

    People tend to say mean things so that they can feel better about themselves, which is useless, because they only feel good for a few seconds, then they need to do another mean thing to feel better again, and they just get meaner and meaner.

    I have weight problems too ... my metabolism is waaaay slow ... I do love chocolate yes, but I eat a normal balanced diet. I am overweight, and I am very insecure about it.
    I hate eating in public, and whenever I do, in my mind I wonder how many people are looking at me eating and saying ''no wonder she's fat .. look at her she's eating'' ... I know it doesn't make sense.... and it's all psychological because I'm insecure, but still I think that, and hate myself for doing that sometimes. I have a blog as you may know, and I may look confident in it, but it's not as easy as it may seem. When I post outfit posts , I imagine people judging and laughing at me cos I think I've become a model now. Well I don't think I am one of course... There's a difference between modelling and outfit of the days for fashion blogs.

    My point here is... Thank you for posting this vid because you have made me realise that I'm not the only one struggling. I never thought about it, but all bloggers out there are pressured because some people think of us as role models, so we have to keep up to a certain standard to be worthy as role models. And then there are those other mean people, who wish they have some spotlight, so instead of doing something to feel better about themselves, they say mean things to make us feel bad about ourselves.

    You are beautiful as you are dear, you are a human being and have every right to feel insecure, but don't let them put you down. You should be proud that you make girls with your same issue feel beautiful, and not alone. I will try to do so too. Let's show girls out there that whatever size they are, they are beautiful in their own way.



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