"Trends" I don't get.


I have more of a fun post today - 
 I'm going to talk about trends and habits I don't get. 
You might disagree, 
but this is my theory.

1. Super long nails.
My theory? - Easier access to nose picking.

2. Side shaved head on women.
My theory? - They wanted to see how shaving their head would look like, then they realised it doesn't work.

3. Pointy nails.
My theory? - They have a serious back itch. 

4. The whole photos-licking-door-knobs kind of thing
My theory? - They have super powers - We could use these people in the forensic department.

5. Nude lips lighter than your skin color.
My theory? -  They've been watching Snooki on Jersey Shore a few too many times.

6. Really dark suburnt type of tan.
My theory?  - They like chocolate so much, they smeared it all over their body

7. The full eyebrows trend
My theory? - They like Russell Brand so much, they want to have the same eyebrows.

8. The shaved-then-drawn eyebrows trend

My theory? -  They forgot their brows at home

9.Two toned lip
My theory? - They couldn't decide on one lip colour so they put one on the upper lip and another on the lower lip.

10. Supah Frosty lipsticks
My theory? - They've time travelled from the 90s.

P.S. this is meant to be for fun, 
in all honesty - I don't care what you do and what you wear as long as you like it
Different people, different tastes ;)
- Dyna


  1. oooh #2 is spot on!! they are all great- u made me laugh today!!

  2. I have another one for you.

    Dark lip liner with nothing else on the lips - theory: forgot to put their lipstick on


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