Essence lash and brow gel mascara | review w/ swatches!


If there is one thing I love to review
it's reviewing products I love
and gladly repurchase..
keep back ups of,
and freak out if I'm running out.

Today's review is about the Essence lash and brow gel mascara.

I love to set my brows with clear mascara,
I've been doing it for years and it helps keeps brows in place.
I don't have unruly brows, really – but I love how they stay put all day with clear mascara.
I don't like to apply clear mascara on my lashes,
I like to apply pitch black mascara on my lashes.

Some additional info:

Very sleek,
words do not fade over time and
I haven't had any issues with the sifter
or the packaging overall.
One thing you have to keep in mind, is that this product will look yucky over time when paired with other products.
And it's normal,
the clear product will become slightly tinted because it mixes with your eyebrow products.

Quite small, but I love the size.

I used to use the ELF wet gloss lash and brow mascara. And that was a great clear mascara, too. But in all honesty, I prefer this Essence one because even though both products are cheap and the Essence one is seemingly cheaper (Essence €2.80 vs ELF €1.70), the Essence one holds far more product (Essence 9ml vs ELF 1.5ml). In fact, I have been using this Essence one for over 3 months and I still have a ton left and I would have used at least 2 ELF ones. Also, the Essence one is more accessible because I can pick it up from shops here in Malta rather than order it online – unless it's out of stock in stands.

It's a definite repurchase,
highly recommend it!

  FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Great review! Will come in handy when I need to buy a new gel brow setter.

    xoxo, Julie @ OBSESSED


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