Essence Soul Sista TE teal glitter eyeliner | review w/ swatches !


I got my hands on a  few Essence soul sista products back in summer. 
I know it takes me quite a while to review products but I truly wanted to test these out first.

I didn't get all of the collection but I wanted to share reviews of what I got.

Essence Soul Sista TE teal glitter eyeliner  

This little nugget is so beautiful, the colour is such a divine mermaid teal colour,
I love it.
It's not the densest of all glitter liners for sure,
but it's definitely  nice-to-have product in your collection.
I usually like to use this over teal eyeliner for that pop of colour on the lower lashline,
and it lasts a good 5 hours with no fading
so that's pretty good.

While I wouldn't call this a must have,
a beautiful teal glitter eyeliner is quite difficult to find,
so I'm glad I got this
and I definitely use it quite frequently.
The packaging is tiny and cute, nothing to complain about in that regard.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I got this product for free for PR purposes, I am not being paid for this post and as always, I'm a 100% honest.


  1. It's very pretty! In the last 2 photos do you have eyeshadow underneath? It's even prettier that way :D

    1. yes I do hun, I have two eyeliners but it looks beautiful when you layer it on top x


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