Get your bling bling on ! | Pupa Milano Diamond Collection !


I received some products from Pupa Milano in Malta 
and I thought I'd show you what  I got because they're perfect for some 
New Year bling-bling.. 

It's for the festive season. And there are 4 new nail polishes,
2 new lipsticks, 
4 new glitter eyeliners
and 4 new diamond eyeliners. 

They're all limited edition so if you see anything you like - 
I'd say get it now before it's gone. 
Read more about the collection HERE 


This is not a review, 
as I have only played around with these 
but not long enough to tell you about lasting power and performance.

1. DIAMOND EYELINER (glitter eyeliner gel)

I got shade 03 Copper Glitter Déco. 
I'm asucker for a good glitter eyeliner. 
These baby glitters are not sparse at all.. 
The glitter is not fine but it's fine. 
- In the sense that the glitter is quite chunky in appearance (it doesn't look like fine glitter)
- but it's fine in texture, it's not supposed to bother you on your eyes or feel funny. 
There are three different colours in this glitter eyeliner - 
gold, copper and silver - PERFECT for this festive season.

2. DIAMOND EYESHADOW (Wet & Dry Gelée Compact Eyeshadow)

While this is not a unique shade, 
this is a fun eyeshadow. 
And I'll tell you why in a second. 
I got shade 03 – Copper Glitter Déco
and the pattern on this eyeshadow is eyecatching and so beautiful. 
When you swatch it, you'll notice it's very creamy and buttery and yet very pigmented. 
It's a beautiful frosty champagne colour. 
Perfect for daytime - not as such for this festive season. 
It's beautiful..
I'll be getting a lot of use out of this one. 

I definitely love and recommend these,
they're really nice and great for some bling bling!



FTC Disclaimer: I got these free from pupa Milano Malta, I am not affiliated with the brnd and my reviews are, as always, a 100% honest.


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