Hair & Skin Care HAUL !


I have a haul today.. It's mainly hair care but I also got a couple of skincare or some other products.

Gilette Satin Care Sensitive Skin Shave Gel
Got a 15% off! Bought this before – great product. No more dry legs for me.

Nivea double effect antipersperant
Bought this like 15 times already – my favourite antipersperant ever. I never leave the house without it. This is a backup, actually.

Veet Facial Wax Strips
My favourite wax strips. I use these for my upper lip, and they're just brilliant.

Now on the stuff I like to buy :D

Tres Emme Split Remedy Split Mend Protect Leave in Treatment
I've been looking for a good leave in conditioner since forever. I've used this quite some few times, it's nice and creamy, seems to do a great job so far. This is a new product as far as I know, actually a new line from Tres Emme.

Camay Creme Delice berry bliss shower gel
This smells SOOOOOO yummy! I swear – one of the best smelling products in the world. Smells just like bubblegum.

Herbal Essence hello hydration shampoo
I always get the conditioner. But in an act of stupidity I got the shampoo, but I figured I should keep it anyway. Change it up a bit.


Quickies 3 in 1 facial cleansing wipes
I haven't bought any makeup wipes for a while, and these are a bit dry. I miss my baby wipes actually.

Pantene Aqua Light Nourishing Spray
Love this spray. This is my 2nd one actually. It's brilliant and smells lovely!

I hope you like this haul!
Let me know what you think :)


  FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. Can you please review the Veet face wax strips?

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