I LOVE spidery lashes. Bite Me.


Ok, so this is a long overdue post. 
I should have written this post ages ago. 
But first of all I need to tell you one thing - 
I'm in no way upset or angry, because it might come across that I am. 

So I have always loved the spidery lash look, 
I know that most people hate the look, 
but I love it. 

What are spidery lashes?

To get the spidery-lash-look, you have to pack on mascara, 
mainly they'd have to be of a dry formula. 
What do they look like? - You get a spikey lash look, which might look freaky in a closeup shot, 
but I actually love it because for people who have small eyes like myself
it opens their eyes up and makes them look bigger. 

So why am I writing this post? 
So every now and then when I post a FOTD or a look or something like that, 
I get the occasional comment saying "eww, why would you want your lashes to look like that?". 

Now intially I'd have the temptation not to reply to someone rude like that, 
but after I realise that by not replying, I'm being somewhat rude myself 
so I answer the question by simply saying that I like the look. 

I actually don't use this look on my clients, because 99% of the time they'd want some volume 
and as natural as false lashes can get. 

Makeup is an art, you see,
we like different things. 
There are a handful of makeup aspects I really dislike (frost lipsticks would be the one that's really up there)
But I would never tell someone that they shouldn't wear them, 
or that it looks bad, 
because it just doesn't make sense for me to bash someone like that. 

We have different tastes, different likes,
now beat it. 

I see gurus on youtube getting bashed all the time for fake tanning or having super long nails or bright coloured hair, 
or some peircing or tattoo. 

Lately, I realised I was getting like 400 views from a forum that was trash-talking bloggers
and they were redirected to my blog because of the way I like to apply my mascara. 
If you think I'm annoyed, You're very wrong.
Actually, keep sharing, I don't intend to please everyone,
I'm a beauty blogger not a people pleaser.

You see - ever since I started blogging I have had the opportunity to interact with some lovely people who are as passionate as I am about cosmetics. 
I love blogging, and I love sharing my thoughts with you guys, 
I love getting feedback from you and spending time trying to improve my blog posts and all that. 

I used to be scared of people hating on me and getting dislikes on youtube.
I even disabled the ratings on youtube, back then. 
Nowadays dislikes don't bother me one bit. 

I got used to the fact that there are people out there who wish people harm, 
and find comfort in hurting others, I've dealt with that and I've moved on. 

My message to all of you is that as a beauty blogger I am not here to
tell you how makeup should be applied, 
or what products to use;
I am here to share my experience of some products with you
as well as sharing looks, suggestions and ideas with you all. 

MAKEUP IS AN ART, and anyone who dares try to put it on pen and paper 
and say what to do and what not to do, doesn't get what art is. 

Enjoy playing with your makeup, 
and wear what makes you feel beautiful. 
That is the whole point of makeup in the first place. 
Dare to be different, Dare to be you.

- Dyna


  1. I feel sorry for those who have made such comments on your blog. You are absolutely right! You shouldn't be bothered at all. They say 'Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people'. You are an awesome blogger but most of all you are a great person. You are creative, honest and I adore you for all the creativity and ideas you have been sharing with us through your blog. Keep it going! :) xx

  2. You tell 'em girl!! I personally think the Spidery lashes really suit you, and I may try it because my eyes are small too.
    These people are just being silly bashing you on a forum :S Don't pay any attention to them, they're jealous!

    I LOVE your blog, keep it up :) xx

  3. Sweet. Totes agree. <3 Keep doing what you love babe.

  4. I think you're absolutely right in everything you said! We cannot please everybody, and there will always be people who will try to insult us but we shouldn't care! Just for the record, I absolutely love this look on eyelashes, too and I myself overdo it with mascara , too! :)

    1. Thanks dear! Glad to know I'm not the only one ! x


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