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Ardell Demi 102 false eyelashes [review with photos!!]

I have another review today on a set of false eyelashes I LOVE. I LOVE doing reviews on products I genuinely love. 
I have had these for like a year or a year and a half and I never used them.  SHAME ON ME. 
I truly adore these.  I always thought they were rather dramatic  and they're actually rather natural looking surprisingly.

They look amazing on my eyes when I'm just wearing a neutral and a bold lip.  LOVE THEM!!

so here's why I love them.

The actual strip is invisible reusable up to a generous number of timesvery easy to cleanstrip is very flexible and fits eye shape perfectlyare quite naturalnot glossyblend with lashes very welllook gorgeous onaffordable price high qualitylook good on all eye shapescriss crossed to make them look more naturaladds volumeadds lengththey are flared at the end giving an illusion of a lifted eyeThe packaging is easy to open and close. definitely worth the hype
I use the Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Black to apply this
and I have been loving t…



I just feel like talking about a subject,  which is rather sensitive I would say.  I'm not going to talk about my personal life or anything like that.  I am a very personal person when it comes to my personal stuff. 
But I know a lot of girls read my blog,  a lot of teenagers and I feel I need to say my say.
I live in Malta.  A country, where, even if Maltese girls don't know, has a reputation of having some easy girls. 
We have a nightime place called Paceville where there are a lot of clubs.  Almost everyone goes there.  Some people don't, people who don't like clubs and all that.  I know quite a few people who don't like the place actually, and that's okay.
Now to put things into perspective -  My ideal night out is going out, meeting up with my uni friends we have a drink [and no - we don't drink to get drunk] I sometimes don't even drink,  especially now that I am driving.  But I have gone out and not had a single drink  because I didn't feel like it…

And just as I was heading out the door.. it started raining #make up look

HELLO GUYS! Yeah I still went out ehehhe.  I just waited for the rain to calm a little  and headed out the door. 
But don't you hate it when you're all dressed up and it starts raining?!
Oh well. 

These are the products I used:
FACE ELF mineral infused face primer NYX HD foundation in sand beige and warm sand Essence forget it concealer - pink and beige shades* ELF mineral booster in tinted and yellow ELF studio pressed powder in almond Sleek Limited edition blush in pan tao ELF healthy glow bronzing powder in luminance
EYES   ELF eyelid primer  ELF studio cream eyeshadow in bronzed Essence quattro eyeshadow in Ciao Bella!* Essence long lasting eye pencil in 01 black fever Wet n Wild Color Icon eyeshadow Palette in Greed - matte black Max Factor HD Masterpiece Mascara in black * Ardell Demi Wispies false lashes Duo Lash Adhesive in Dark tone

EYEBROWS NYX single eyeshadow in dark brown  ELF wet gloss lash and brow mascara
LIPS Barry M lip paint in 147 Peachy Pink*

* all items marked with  an * were not pu…

What I got from Sarah :D #swap-time :D

So I got my swap box from Sarah  who owns Sarah's blog today :D :D And I decided to show you a sneaky peeky of what products she got me. I'm not going to list them all -  but I will be listed the products I am most excited about.. 

NYC HD Seperating Mascara -  I love trying out new mascaras so I'm excited to try this out
St Moriz Dark Tanning Mousse -  I already have one of these and I'm soon running out - so Sarah got me 2 of them :D [THX girl xx]
No7 Wheatsheaf eyeshadow - It looks like a gorgeous all over eyeshadow - something I think I'll love
Essence french glam stickers - Oh these are pretty self-adhesive stickers. Definitely excited about these
Beauty Blender sponge - since everyone seems to love it, I'm glad I get to try it out too :D
Catrice 030 OMG I want that! eyeshadow palette YAY I got some Catrice stuff - Catrice is going to be launched real soon in Malta so I'm glad I get to try it out before that :D
Essence quattro eyeshadow in 01 CIAO BELLA…

Barry M lipgloss in bubblegum [review w/ swatches] !!

Hello guys!!
Today I'm going to review Barry M's lipgloss in bubblegum.
I have had my eye on these for a while  but Barry M is just unavailable in shops in Malta,  so that kind of sucks.  and I got this in my Secret Santa Box which was super exciting.

PACKAGING Standard packaging,  Very nice and secure Stopper works nicely too. Sponge tip applicator
TEXTURE Not sticky at all, and not runny either. Not drying at all, but not moisturising either.

SMELL I  LOVE the smell!! I admit to randomly opening this and taking a whiff. Yes, I'm addicted.  Oh btw I haven't said what the smell is hehe.. it smells of bubblegum.  Surprise surprise :D

SHADE Cool toned blue based bright pink.
FINISH creamy glossy finish

BOTTOM LINE I really really like this.. I wish would have been slightly more pigmented, but it's not sheer or anything like that.
Definitely going to try out more shades.

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I got this product in a swap and I am not af…

FOTD: green frost feat ELF 6 in 1 palette !!

Today is actually a no make up day for me -  and I actually posted a photo of that in my facebook page which you can check out HERE BUT last week I was experimenting with the green in the ELF 6 in 1 palette and this is the look I came up with - I LA-LA-LOVED the greens in this palette :D 

So here are the photos:

This is what I used:

ELF studio flawless finish foundation spf15 in buff
Essence soft touch mousse make up in 04 matt ivory
Max Factor Compact Foundation spf15 in natural
ELF studio pressed powder in almond
ELF 6 in 1 palette happy hour blush

ELF eyelid primer
ELF 6 in 1 palette – beach retreat greens - free for pr purposes
ELF 6 in 1 palette – fay to night – dark charcoal shade- free for pr purposes
ELF 6 in 1 palette – pretty picnic highlight shades. - free for pr purposes
Essence stay long long lasting eyeliner
Max Factor HD Masterpiece mascara in black
Essence Vampire's Love Volumising Lash Powder

NYX single eyeshadow in dark brown
ELF wet glo…

Essence I love style liquid eyeliner in ultra black [review w/ swatches] !!

Hello guys,  I'm back with another review :D woohooo
So I have had this liner for a while and I almost finished it. Oh ok. I have had this for a LONG while. and I know what you're thinking -  It's about time you make the review!!

Oh well. Onto the review:
THE PACKAGING Pretty sleek,  sponge tip applicator.  stopper works nicely too. 
LASTING POWER Err. Here is the meh part. The lasting power is horrible. It smudges, is non waterproof.

PIGMENTATION This is an intense black. I like my black shades, the blackest of the blacks.. intense, extreme, carbon black. You get it.

PERFORMANCE This is nice to apply, easy to take off,  but horrible staying power.  It smudges off .. and is definitely non waterproof. This has a glossy finish. 

BOTTOM LINE This is ideal for people who want liquid eyeliner which is easy to remove but don't dare touch your eyes when it's on.  Because it will smudge off.  I will not repurchase, since I like the essence waterproof liner better,  which I'll feature in a future …

Essence stay with me long lasting lipgloss [review w/ swatches] !!

Hello guys!!

I had my one and only exam today!!
So thank god that's done -
Now 9 assignments to go.
And this semester's done woohoo.
And then the dreadful last one. haha.

Today I'm going to review Essence's stay with me long lasting lipgloss in # 02 my favourite milkshake.

I have had my eye on these for a while  and I once read a review on this lipgloss  and it looked it gorgeous in the shop.  It screamed my name hehe.

PACKAGING Rather small packaging,  very travel-friendly,  very cute.  Hourglass plastic applicator. [I still have to post a photo of the wand - sorry] I only have an issue with the names,  the name on the label wore off within the first day.
TEXTURE Not sticky at all, and not runny either. Not drying at all, but not moisturising either.

SMELL A very sugary smell. I don't really like it that much,  it's a bit too sweet. 

SHADE This is a sheer peachy pink nude shade.
FINISH glossy finish. 
BOTTOM LINE I quite like it, it's a shade darker than ELF's hypershine lip…

When life gives you lemons.. you make an awesome lemonade!!

HELLO GUYS! After the amazing response I had yesterday with my "Me and My skinny self" post
I realised I should be more open in my posts..

Whatever you do.. Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can or can't do.  Don't let them impose their negative thoughts on you.  If you want something and believe it's something that's going to make you happy.  Don't just sit there and dream about it.  Do something. 

A lot of people who follow my blog don't know I love to sing. I used to do go to singing lessons.. but honestly.. I don't think that expanded my horizons.  So I stopped. 
I still sing..  but not that I "train" or do the technical stuff.. I only do the fun parts haha .. I love belting everything out. 
My lovely friend once told me.. if I felt bad..  I should try writing my emotions down.
And I was going through a really tough time  and I wrote my emotions and whatever I wanted to say down.  Turns out..  they could work as amazing lyrics.
Now I once handed…

Me and my skinny self.

Hello guys :D

Ok. I want to talk to you about an insecurity of mine today.
Everyone has their own insecurities. We all have them...
It's how we deal with them that makes it count.

I feel I'm a bit "too skinny" and honestly..
it's not something I was bothered with..
until people actually mentioned it or confronted to me about it.

I used to weigh like 50 kilos when I was 16.
I had nicely sized breasts, and nice butt.

Then, I started working.
I messed up my eating habits,
and lost my appetite
and I was barely eating.

I'm not anorexic.
I know I'm skinny.

People keep telling me to eat to gain weight and all that..
I do eat.

But people don't understand that I know I'm skinny.
I don't need to be told over and over again..
I am not at an unhealthy weight..

but yeah,... my arms are rather skinny.. and bony.

What can I do?

I live with it.
I'm not going to beat myself for it..
and say Oh I look gross and all that.

My point is...
whatever your insec…

A simple FOTD because I haven't done one in a while. [feat ELF 6 in 1 palette] !!

I have a FOTD today!! because I haven't done a simple one in a while :D I was experimenting with the ELF 6 in 1 palette : party picnic  and this is what I came up with:

Essence soft touch mousse make up in matt ivory 04
ELF mineral booster in yellow
Max Factor Compact foundation spf15 in natural 03
ELF warm bronzer

ELF mineral eyeshadow primer
ELF 6 in 1 palette in pretty picnic, date night (matte dark grey) - free for pr purposes
Essence stay long lasting eye pencil in 01 black fever
Essence vampire's love volumising lash powder
NYX fly with me mascara

NYX single eyeshadow in dark brown
ELF wet gloss lash and brow mascara in crystal

Collection 2000 cream puff in fairy cake
I hope you like it ladies :D Let me know below :D See you in the next post!
Dyna  xxx

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated wit…

ELF studio cream eyeshadows [review with swatches] !!

I have a few ELF products I still have to review..  and this is one of them.  Now before I say anything.. I'm not too keen on cream eyeshadows, I'm very powder all the way kind of person.. unless I need a base.  I used to use my ELF studio cream liner in black and coffee as bases.. and while they worked nicely,  this works even better than them!!

PACKAGING Bulky, bulky, bulky, sorry elves, I don't get the point why a couple of the studio line products have such a bulky packaging.  This is around the same size as the lip conditioner wth spf 15 from ELF's studio line..  so it's pretty bulky and space-consuming.

TEXTURE Glides so smoothe, I love it!!
APPLICATION I used to use my ELF studio concealer brush to apply this.. I find it does an amazing job at it, much better than fingers.  But lately, I found it works better with a fluffy brush I usually use my ELF contouring eye brush that comes with the ELF mineral eyeshadow set.

SHADES BRONZED: A warm bronzey brown shade with g…