I have been testing so many products recently, 
I have decided to do a first impression post featuring a FOTD ..

Products that I have tried out for this look are marked *NEW*

So here's my FOTD!

Palladio herbal concealer in yellow *NEW*
Essence stay natural concealer in soft beige
LA girl concealer in pure beige *NEW*
MUA cream blush in blossom  *NEW*
MUA bronzed perfection  *NEW*
Catrice prime and fine highlighting powder #

MUA undressed eyeshadow palette shades: 1,2, 3, 7, 10, 11 *NEW*
MUA intense colour eyeliner pencil  in jet black *NEW*
Essence mono eyeshadow in blockbuster
Catrice mini max extreme volume mascara #

NYX single eyeshadow in dark brown
Essence lash and brow gel mascara

MUA intense lipgloss in sealed with a kiss *NEW*

#Products marked were sent to me for PR purposes. 



Palladio herbal concealer in yellow ($5)



This was my third time trying this concealer. 
The first time I used it, I applied it under my eyes and I found it too dry and far too yellow for my liking. The second time I used it, I used it over a spot and I did like it, 
the texture was dry enough to cover the concealer without need for setting and yellow enough to cover redness.
This time round, I used it underneath my eyes and it worked a bit better than the first time because I applied less product. I did find myself reaching for more concealers though, which is not a good thing as it's not time consuming and it's a waste of time imo.

LA girl HD PRO conceal  in pure beige (£2.50-£4)

I have used this cocnealer multiple times and I have to say, 
I truly do like it. 
 The texture is extremely creamy and glides ever so smoothly, 
however the shade is a bit light for what I usually revert to, 
but other than that it's a lovely concealer.
I actually just ordered a lighter shade. 

MUA cream blush in blossom (£2)

First of all, 
I have to say, I do not like cream blushes normally. 
I decided to get them because when I saw the swatches I thought I could use them on my lips if they won't work as cream blushes. 
I am so glad I got these though, 
they're truly amazing, 
I also have shade dolly and I love both of them. 
They have just the right pigmentation for a blush, 
and the texture blends effortlessly on my skin without need for setting. 
The shade is a beautiful natural rosy pink for that natural flush. 


MUA bronzed perfection (£3)

This is one seriously amazing bronzer, It has a satin, slightly shimmery texture, 
 and event hough I normally revert to matte blushes, this one does the trick, 
It is a buildable blendable bronzer with a golden undertone and 
you get a lot of product in here. LOVE IT.

MUA undressed eyeshadow palette (£4)

I got this because I read on reviews that this is a great dupe to the Naked 1 pallete
by Urban Decay. 
To be honest I didn't think I was going to like it all that much because I tend to prefer matte shades
over shimmer and this one does have more shimmer than matte shades. 
But in all honesty, this is actually a beautiful eyeshadow pallette and I truly do enjoy using it. 

MUA intense colour eyeliner pencil  in jet black (£1)

I got this because I'm always on the lookout for good eyeliners.
I do have great eyeliners, so I did have high expectations from this one. 
To be honest, it didn't deliver all that much. Even though the price is ridiculously cheap, 
I wouldn't use this as an eyeliner because this thing doesn't set and it would budge on the waterline. 
But I will use this as a base for smokey eyes. 

MUA intense lipgloss in sealed with a kiss (£2)

First of all, I have to say, I am not a lipgloss-girl.
I am a lipstick-girl at heart but I saw a swatch of this gloss and I decided to try this shade out. 
And all I have to say is... this is one amazing gloss! 
The texture is divinely creamy and it's amazingly pigmented for a gloss, 
The shade is just a beautiful rosy nude colour 
and it looks amazing for daytime. 

 I hope you found this post helpful,
let me know what you think below
and till the next post 
Take care dolls!


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :) 



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