LIPSTICK DIARIES #22 | MUA + NEW PRODUCTS Initial Impressions!

I have recently received so many new products in the mail, 
and I've been experimenting with a couple of them. 
So I decided to do a kind of collective post telling you my initial impressions of them. 

Products featured are mainly MUA, because I got a ton of their stuff 
with the 50% off + free shipping offer, 
 but I do have an ELF product included as well.


MUA bb cream in medium
MUA cover and conceal in fair 
ELF maximum coverage concealer
MUA bronzed perfection
MUA mosaic bronzer
MUA matte perfect loose powder
ELF healthy glow bronzing powder in luminance

NYX single eyeshadow in skin tight, vanilla sky ride
MUA matte eyeshadow in #17, 19
MUA artiste palette - pistachio, ice, grape
MUA undressed palette - shade 6
Catrice precision eye pencil in silver stallone, gold me tight!
Essence longlasting eye pencil in 01 black fever
Milani liquid eyeliner in everlast
 Covergirl lash blast mascara

 MUA matte eyeshadow in #19
Essence lash and brow gel mascara

MUA lip boom in


MUA bb cream in medium

I haven't tried all that many tinted moisturiser or bb creams,but I heard great things about 
this one so I decided to get it with the 50% off. 
It feel very creamy on the face, and I didn't find the need to set this on my dry skin either. 
I quite like it. 
I have medium, and it seems to suit me just right, it has a neutral, slightly yellowi-ish undertone. 

MUA cover and conceal in fair 

This is a medium  coverage concealer, I have it in shade fair, 
and even though it blends quite easily, it doesn't provide me enough coverage. 
It has a slight yellow undertone to it,
and it needs to be set. 
On the brightside, it does look quite natural on the skin. 

ELF maximum coverage concealer

This reminds me of the other concealer I have mentioned up here, 
It has medium (but buildable!) coverage.
It is not the greatest concealer in the world, it doesn't hide my under eye circles all that well, but it does look natural on my skin and it blends fairly easily. I have shade porcelain and it has a slight yellow undertone, too




MUA mosaic bronzer

I got this to use as a blush because I read somewhere it gives a nice peachy tint, 
it's nice on the cheeks, 
but I still need to try it as a bronzer.

MUA matte perfect loose powder

A nice powder, it is not overly loose like the ELF HD blush, 
it's not as finely milled either, 
but it has a slight yellow undertone which I love, 
and it does the job just right.

MUA matte eyeshadows in #17, 19

I quite like these two shades, and I used shade 19 on my brows too in this look. 
I enjoy using them, 
they're a tad powdery, though.

MUA artiste palette

A lovely palette. I haven't used all the products, 
but this, I'm quite sure, will be quite handy in summer 
when I need to carry very little makeup round.
The eyeshadows are nice, a tad powdery but nicely pigmented, 
and the bronzer and blushes are quite nice too. 

MUA lip boom in

 I love these lip booms, I have all shades now,
 and this is one of my favourites definitely, it has a smooth texture and yet it's dry. 
I just adore it. 
It is a lightened peachy nude. 
I don't care for the gloss. 

I hope you like it and let me know what you think guys!
- Dyna

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the product myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. suits u nicely, Which product u recommend for eyebrows? essence eyebrow pencile or mua eyeshadow 19?

    1. Oh I'm so sorry for the late reply, I actually had seen your comment but my laptop crashes and I thought it was on a video or something but couldn't find it. So please excuse my late reply.. I have been using the MUA eyeshadow 19 for the past two weeks, the shade matches my complexion and hair colour at the moment much better. I do like the eyebrow pencils, they're very creamy, but because it is so creamy it can be a bit hard to apply, in the sense that, it is easy to make mistakes with it. Especially with the brunette shade. The blonde shade has shimmer in it / frost.. which doesn't really look frosty on the brows when you wear it. I love the blonde shade, especially if you're going for a more natural brow. It's a brilliant shade if you're blonde. I'm not sure about the brunette shade because it's darker and it's easier to mess up my eyebrow shape with them. I do find the need to blend them a bit when I apply the brunette shade. I don't know if this answers your question. I think it depends on your preference (powder vs cream products) and your hair colour. If you're blonde - go for the light one. If your hair's dark I think you might like the brunette shade. But remember they're very creamy, so when it comes to the darker one, it's a bit of a pain if you're looking for a quick application. Hope this answers your question xx

  2. love the mua haul1

  3. I got MUA eyeshadow base, don`t buy it, horrible, e/s starts to crease and crumble, it looses its intensity and colour after 2 hours. Luckily I got it with 50% off

    1. really? I have it, but got it a while ago and never opened it :( the primer you mean right?

    2. yes, the black packaging: Professional eyes primer. I`ve tested it for couple of days then compared it with nyx one I usually use. IT JUST DOESN`T work. I have dry and sensitive skin,no discoloration, no need to cover anything. The e/s just has to last me 8 hours. Try it maybe I do something wrong with it.

    3. oh darn. I have dry skin too, it better work though, I hate it when that happens :/


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