The Curse of the Overly Thin Brow.


As I always stress on my blog and youtube, 
makeup is an art and you should apply whatever you feel like works for you. 

But I have my opinions on the matter. 
I personally hate overly thin eyebrows. 
Now some people's brows are naturally thin, 
and some have been overplucked and now they don't want to grow out. 

So if your brows are naturally thin or you've accidentally overplucked them a couple of times. 
I'm not judging. 

But if you're one of those who overpluck your brows just because you think the overly thin eyebrows look good. 

I'm here to ruin your perception. 
You could look so much better!

I hate it when I see someone who has a curved line instead of an eyebrow.
I don't know if you notice this, 
but I swear these people often have a permanent surprised look on their face. 

Because brows frame your face, 
and they should be there. 

But I have a solution, you see. 
If you've overplucked, overwaxed, 
or have naturally thin brows, 
there's makeup that can help you with that. 

You can opt for semi permanent makeup, 
I've actually seen some nice work,
but I've seen some dreadfully made tattoos as well.
So do your research.

But you can opt for makeup that you can wash off too. 

There are different types of eyebrow products. 

1. Eyebrow pencil (like the Catrice eyebrow stylist and MUA eyebrow pencils ). Eyebrow pencils vary from one brand to another. They tend to hold all day on people who have some hair on their eyebrow,  but if you don't have  that much hair, try to set your eyebrow pencil with eyeshadow. 

2. Eyeshadow. (Try the NYX single eyeshadows or Catrice abslute eye colours) If you're looking for a natural look, opt for eyeshadow. 

3. Wax products (like the ELF studio eyebrow kit). These are not good for you. Yes, they look natural and all, but they need hair to work.

4. Gel eyeliner (like the ELF studio cream eyeliner). This is the most longlasting one, in my opinion. But it's difficult to find the right shades for your brows. It's the hardest to work with too. 

5. Eyebrow tints (like the Milani eyebrow tint). Again, these are not for you, these are natural options to fill in with. 

How to fill in your eyebrow. 

You can check out my tutorials below:


I personally favour the arched brow, but you can opt for a round brow, 
I would suggest following your natural brow shape. 
and don't overly thicken, 
you wouldn't want to over do it, 
always build things up slowly. 

When it comes to brow colour: 
1. if you're a brunette - you can opt for up to 2 shades lighter
2. if you're a blonde - you can opt for up to 2 shades darker

As I said, this is merely my opinion about brows, 
so if you find that thin brows work for you, go for it. 

But I think you should at least try to thicken your brows, 
if you don't like it, wash it off. 




  1. Thanks for the lovely Blogpost on overly thin eyebrows my dear! It's refreshing to see someone with the same opinion as me. don't like to have my brows too thin. back in the day when my mom plucked em for me, she always made them sooo thin, gushing about what a nice shape mine have and that I should pluck them more often. Now that I take care of that myself (by walking to get a waxjob all by myself haha), I'm much happier. Basically I find taking access hairs off is enough and getting rid of the unibrow hairs ^^


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