EYELINER 101 | how to - apply eyeliner like a pro !


Ok so I feel one of the essential things to put on my eyes is eyeliner, 
just because I find my eyes really small and round, 
so lining helps alter the eye shape.

The winged liner is not that difficult to do, but you need time and perfection,
in my opinion. Liquid liner shows your skills best, but pencil liner can be easier to work with.

Now when it comes to lining your eyes, I'm sure you've heard this before but I'll tell you again here. 
The closer you line to your lashline, 
and even if you tightline and apply liner on your waterline, 
the whiter the whites of your eyes will look.
But when you do this, you also tend to make your eyes look smaller,
so if you want to go for rounder eyes,
avoid tightlighting and the waterline.
Opt for some beige / white eyeliner and use that on your waterline,
that ought to brighten your eyes.

The smoked out liner. This is great for easy application,
and mistake-proof liner. Use your eyeliner pencil, line areas where you 'd like to smoke,
and smoke out with some black eyeshadow and a smudger brush.
It looks amazing, and is super quick and easy to do.

Now this is the point I wanted to get to. 
Eyeliners come in a lot of colours... 
and unless you want to add a pop of colour to your eyes, 
be careful with coloured eyeliners.

I find that coloured liners work best on the lower lashline to add a pop of colour.

But that's because I have dark brown eyes. 
When you line your eyes you're supposed to define them 
and in order to define them the liner has to be darker than your eye colour. 
So for me, the blacker the liner is, the better.

But this doesn't mean you can't rock coloured liner. 
I'm just telling you that if you'd like to alter your eye shape you're better off using a liner which is darker than your eye colour. 
The darker it is the better. 
But for people who have light brown, or light coloured eyes, 
they can still define their eyes with a coloured liner. 
People like me, who are doomed with brown eyes cannot "define" their eyes with a coloured liner..
But if you'd like to use a coloured liner while still defining your eyes, you can use it on your lower lash line.


Check out my eyeliner comparison video to get an idea what's out there on the market:

One last thing, joining your liner to your tearduct can be a tricky task,
I find it needs practice and the perfect liner to go with it,
so I wouldn't experiment with one of these just before a night out,
They can look really edgy when done right,
but they can also look trashy if done wrong.

I hope this somehow helps. 
Remember - make up is art
If you think you can rock it don't let anyone tell you it doesn't look good. 
- Dyna 

FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless stated otherwise and I am not affiliated with any company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion


  1. I dont know if you helped me enough, cause i got stuck to your beautifull photos....... Very good eye liner job though..... I find that black eyeliner dont work for me, i dont like me wearing it, so insted i use pencils in all other colours...Many kisses



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