LIPSTICK DIARIES #25| Vivo WOW PINK & a couple of initial impressions!


I have another lipstick diary post today, 
and this time round it's a wearable one with bright pink lips. 
I have a few things I'd like to say about products I've been trying out so scroll on for that!

MUA matte foundation in natural
MUA bb cream in medium
MUA cover and conceal stick in fair
NYC bronzer in sunny

Vivo cosmetics matte eyeshadow in sandstorm
MUA matte eyeshadow 19
Gosh loose eyeshadow in blue diamond
Essence longlasting eye pencil in black fever
NYX single eyeshadow in black 
Covergirl lash blast very black mascara

MUA pro eyebrow kit

Vivo cosmetics lipstick in WOW Pink

MUA matte foundation in natural + MUA bb cream in medium

I've been mixing these two together and I'm loving the combination at the moment. 
The BB cream adds some creaminess to the matte foundation (even though the matte foundation isn't a matte foundation, it seems to have a dewy finish on me). But the shades really fit together and give a nice medium coverage and it holds by bronzer, blush and highlight for a long time. 
MUA cover and conceal stick in fair
At first I didn't really like it, 
then I started to love it. 
Then, I kind of abandoned it. 
I'm not sure I've tried it enough to review it, 
so that's why I'm giving you updates on these posts 
because I don't know about you, 
but you can't makeup your mind about a product from the first time you use it. 
Sometimes I love a product, then I hate it. 
And sometimes I hate a product and then I love it. 
Wit this concealer, now I'm kind of in between. 
It gives medium coverage but it brightens my under eye area quite nicely.
It's buildable though, and I don't find the need to set this (I have dry skin), which is quite rare for a concealer, I find. 
It brightens my dark under eye area though, so it's doing the job.

Vivo cosmetics matte eyeshadow in sandstorm

This is becoming my go to blending eyeshadow and I have a feeling
 I'm not getting over it any time soon.

Gosh loose eyeshadow in blue diamond

I'm not a fan of loose eyeshadows, 
but I tried this out on my lower lashline, 
and it gave that subtle frosty type of pop of colour, 
and I was pretty amazed. 

MUA pro-brow kit

I want to be nice on this one, 
but you see - when someone raves about a product or something, 
your really tend to have high expectations
and they're so high it's difficult for the product to match such high expectations.
So far I'm like, - I don't see what the fuss is about - 
You get 2 brow shades. One's quite dark, and one's quite light. 
But there isn't an in between colour, 
or a super dark colour. 
I was expecting something like that for my makeup kit. 
Then you get a brow highlighting shade, which barely shows up on me. 
And you also get a clear wax. 
I'm not wowed so far. 
But I still like it, if that makes any sense.

Vivo cosmetics lipstick in WOW PINK

This is an amazing lipstick!
I personally la-la-love it, 
the shade's a blue toned barbie pink, 
but still creamy and still quite wearable. 
I loooooooove it!

Anyway, that concludes this post , 
I hope you find this helpful and let me know what you think guys!


 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


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