Back when I went to the bloggers meet up for the launch of new 
Catrice products, 
I saw this cute item that really caught my eye.

It reminded me of the Maybelline lip thingies
 (don't know what they're called to be honest)
which were way overpriced in my opinion.

This Catrice Ultimate lip glow lip colour intensifier comes in the shade "one fits all".

It looks like a corally orange in the tube -
And on my lips it gives a lovely medium sheer pink shade.

This kind of looks like a glossy lip stain on my lips,
and looks great for those days when you don't want to go for all out colour.

Unlike what you might think,
this is not moisturising or lip balm like at all.
And the actual product is quite hard to apply,
it is not at all creamy.

That's why I said that this is more like a glossy stain.
It looks like you've applied a stain on your lips,
and layered a slight stick of lip balm on top.

On my lips, this looks like a medium baby pink shade.

Overall - This is a fun product to have.
I don't reach for this that often, to be quite honest.
But this is so fun,
and it reminds me of the lollipops I used to love when I was younger.

That's it for this post dolls, 
I hope you like it!
-and till the next..
 take care!

FTC Disclaimer: I got this item for free at the Bloggers Event at PharmaMT (importers for Essence and Catrice).  I am not being paid for this post, nor am I obliged to do videos/ posts featuring their products. My loyalty is always towards my subscribers. I would never avoid saying something just because I got an item for free.


  1. I really like how natural it appears on your lip. Such a pretty stain! xx


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