Sigma BRUSHES DUPE at a fraction of the price ?!


A couple of months ago I saw a review video comparing the Sigma brushes
with the IS MINE brushes from
You can watch the video HERE 

I also hauled these brushes in a video of my own.. check that out below..

 so this post is all going to be about these IS MINE BRUSHES REVIEW.

So I got the coral one, but I believe there are other colours to choose from. 
I wanted to get the same one that the youtube guru mentioned. 
The case is brilliant. 
I love it! - looks just like the Sigma Makeu Me Up Kit, 
but since I don't have that I can't be too sure. 
She compared them in the review video for you all
to see. 
I actually disagree with her, the brushes are not that soft. 
if the SIGMA brushes were that soft and I got them, 
i would have regretted getting them for sure based on their softness. 
The brush kit comes with an extra brush, a mascara wand, 
whereas the Sigma one comes with one less - 12. 

The brushes don't have names, so I gave them a number. 


This is basically a Foundation brush. I love this brush, and it is suprisingly quite soft.
Feels very professional and dense and I like to use this to apply concealer and when I run out of
brushes, I also use this for foundation, but I do find I need another brush to blend after. 

A powder / blush / bronzer brush. This sheds. Even after I've washed it like 5 times. It's definitely not the softest brush, especially compared to the ELF complexion brush, but then again this has 
natural bristles, and the ELF one has taklon bristles. I like to use this for powder and to blend blush / bronzer. Not the best brush in town, fo' sure. 

A blush / countouring / bronzer / highlight brush. This has a naughty strand to it which you can see in the photo. It's annoying to say the least. This brush doesn't stain though, it's not the softest brush, 
and it is a bit flimsy to blend your bronzer and blush to be quit honest.

A stippling brush. This is meant to be a foundation brush, I assume. I am not a huge fan 
of stippling brushes with this type of monochrome colours. 
I don;t like the way fibre bristles apply foundation. 
But this is indeed more dense than the ELF studio stipple brush (which I hate for foundation)
but it still didn't wow me. This is a soft one.

A pencil brush. I quite like this one, it doesn't stain, 
but mine arrived a bit faulty on one side, 
but it fixed itself over time. 
Not the softest brush, again.

The blending brush. And I mean, this is THE BLENDING BRUSH. This amazed me!
It's by far the best brush I've ever come across when it comes to blending. 
And I have the Sigma E27 travel blending brush, 
but this is much different, 
and whilst I like both, this, I find is better for blending. 
This one's soft too!

The small smudge brush. I like this to apply eyeshadow on the lower lashline and 
apply lipstick, too. Soft, and great!

An angled eyeshadow brush. 
Not the softest brush, for sure, but it does the job quite right.
 I tend to use this when I run out of brushes.

I think this is meant to be an eyeliner brush, but it isn't a good eyeliner brush, its too thick for that. 
I like to use this for applying lip colour personally. 

The longer Eyeshadow brush. I quit like this one, even though it;s not the softest brush.
But it packs on the eyeshadow nicely. I like!

The mascara wand. It's hand to blend your brows
and there's nothing to complain about here. 

An angled liner brush. Pretty nice, but I don't use this for liner, I use this for brows or eyeshadow
or lips personally.

The shorter eyeshadow brush, basically like 10, but shorter so you have more control

It's definitely a good brush set, not the softest in the market, 
but I love the outer packaging.
Do I regret getting it ? No
If I were to go back, would I have opted for something else? No.
 Is it the best brush set ? No, the Coastal 22 brush set is much better imo
This brush kit costs $24.99 + free shipping though, and the coastal scents one costs $34.99 + shipping
so the Coastal Scents one is pricier, and you get more brushes. 

Anyway, that concludes this review , 
I hope you find this helpful and let me know what you think guys!


 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


  1. I have the Sigma coral kit and the brushes and brush holder look very similar!

  2. This is a great review, very helpful thanks! It's a shame that they brushes were a bit hit and miss but at least they are cheap, and sounds like a few of them are real gems! xx

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  3. like the brushes!


  4. Loved the brushes and the case is so usefull....New follower too, thanks anyway...

  5. There s a website where you can find them at 14 usd. :)

    1. True! I actually got the purple one from that website too!


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