I have a random blog post today.
Gosh 5 minutes ago my laptop managed to bounce from the sofa and landed face down on
the ground.
I'm still in shock.
It's still in contact and doesn't have any scratches.
But I swear my heart stopped for 3 seconds.
Anywho -

Here are 12 secrets about me..

#1. I never post FOTDs the day after.  It always takes me 3-4 days to post.
#2. I am lazy about tweezing my brows, I love to have them polished, but I don't take care of them as much as I should.

#3. I love reading comments on my blog, but don't like commenting back,
 because I end up spamming my own email inbox.
#4. I hate washing my brushes. I love the way they feel when they're clean, but washing them and the waiting game for them to dry up kills me.

#5. I often powder my lips when I go out. I am lazy about reapplying my lipstick.

#6. I use baby oil to remove my eye makeup.
I always use longlasting makeup so eyeliners and mascaras are always the hardest to take off.

#7. I always postpone reviews for products I don't like as much as I can,
 I try to find a use for the product.

#8. I hardly ever remove my nail polish, I chip it off. I know, I know. I should know better.

#9. I'm a nail biter. I remember I was at a client's once and she was so surprised when I told her that. She told me she assumed that people in the beauty sector don't bite their nails. Well, I do.

#10. I apply layers of mascara, the more the better. I've had people commenting about it and telling me how they think it looks bad. But I love it, I personally don't like the natural lash look,
unless it's for a natural look.

#11. I am lazy about tweeting. I mainly use facebook.

#12. I don't check my blog email account as much as I should because in order for me to do that
I have to log out of my blog. 

I hope you like this post guys and till the next..
take care nuggets!

- Dyna



  1. I don't like a lot of layers of mascara, but it looks great on you :D

  2. I lovee lots of mascara! I have little straight eyelashes like yours and find nothing makes them stand out apart from lots and lots of mascara! I chip off my nail polish too haha :)

    Jamie-Lee|Glitter Infatuation Beauty Blog!

  3. I am lazy about tweezing my brows too! I'll let them grow crazy and then tweeze till they're thin again, I'm just too lazy to remove a couple hairs every single day!
    Kisses hun!


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