So as you might know - I was invited to  bloggers' event organised by WJCON. 

In case you're wondering you spell it - "Y-CON"
Apparently it's supposed to sound like "you are an icon" 
or something of the sort. 

The shop is divided into two:


This is like a 2 in 1 salon ordeal, where you can get your nails and eyebrows done.

They have this new eyebrow concept - the 3D eyebrows which involve a few different steps, 
are meant to give you 3D brows. 


DOWNSTAIRS (My Personal Favourite)

 They don't have just a stand, The store is covered in permanent stands which display 
their fabulous products.
Fine - they have a couple of duplicates around the store - BUT - that's a good thing because if someone's stuck swatching lipsticks and you're like "It's my turn LADY" 
There would be another spot for that. 
And everyone lives happily ever after. 


To me, they have some fabulous colours. 
If you're a colour person - this store is just for you. 
You could find some pretty neutrals too, 
but the colours are definitely what stands out.

The products you should definitely check out at their stands are their: 
1. Eyeshadow Pens - they're longlasting, pigmented and eye catching! (I will be going back for these lot.)
2. Mousse eyeshadow - this is LE but the purple is amazeballs (I actually got this one and they gave me one in a goody bag)
3. Luxury Revolution Palette - Holy Cow - 4 beautiful mattes at 5.99!( I picked up one of these)
4. Their eyeliners - Longlasting, pigmented and beautiful - I got two of them (a purple and a teal)
5. Long-lasting gloss - Not for the gloss - for the lipstick. They're matte and they're gorgeous! (I got the purple one)




Their foundation, 
their gorgeous peachy blush,
 their eyecatching shocking pink lipliner/lipstick, 
their 4 baked eyeshadow palettes, 
their nude creamy lipstick
their invisible foundation (this adapts to your skin colour - what fun!)
A couple of eyeshadows
Their foundation brush
their peachy primer.
(P.S. these are not real names - I gave them nicknames because I don't remember what they're called )


- WJCON is only available in Italy and Malta 
- They produce makeup for other brands which is what inspired them to launch their own brand
- Their price range varies from 4 euros - 15 euros. 
- They have testers for everything and the store is very well sectioned
- They have a skincare range, and a nail polish range too, but if I have to be honest - as the makeup addict that I am, I was hardly lured by them - I was too busy swatching the makeup section

I will be featuring their products soon in one of my lipstick diaries with initial impressions 
and I'll eventually fully review their products. 

I definitely suggest you check the store out especially if you love eyecatching colours!
- Dyna


FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post nor am I obliged to do this post. They gave us a goody bag which included two products but the rest of the products I have purchased with my own money. I am not affiliated with the brand and this post features solely my honest opinions.


  1. ooh im drooling at that gorgeous purple and the fabulous white pearl shadow wow , thankyou for your great post once more Dyna x

  2. wow those colours are so vibrant! i really want all of it! cassie xx


  3. My friend just came back from Italy and brought a WJCON foundation brush with her. I must say I'm in love with this brush, it's just the softest thing I've ever touched. I'd love to find a store or a website that sells them in London. I'd love to try their produscts. If you know where I can find them in England pls message me on twitter @villich. Thanks loves

    1. They're only available in Malta and Italy I'm afraid, dear.

  4. Hello Dyna,

    Thank you for the interesting review/overview of the products etc. By any chance do you remember the number or the name of the eyeshadow featured in the far right corner in the 4th row from the bottom ( beige with sparkle)?

    Thank you in advance, Vicky

    1. So sorry Vicky, I was only swatching to check out the quality kind of and didn't take notice of any shade- names or numbers :/ sorry I couldn't help out x


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