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Pupa Milano Multiplay Eyeliner in #09 Black | Review w/ Swatches !

HELLO GUYS! A few months ago PUPA sent me a few products and this is one of them.  Normally PUPA sends me LE products, but by the time I get to review them (I take my time, OKay - Don't judge) The LE is almost unavailable. 
Anywho, this time round they sent me two products from their permanent collection and one from their 50s Dream LE (which btw is sooo worth checking out -  I've seen stands all over the place, and they look so gorgeous!). 
This one is their new Multiplay Eyeliner in the shade 09,  which is the black one.  They have other shades too, so you might want to check those out as well.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT This eyeliner is ultra creamy - it reminds me of one of my fav eyeliners in terms of creaminess. (now discontinued - from Catrice - the precision eye pencil) Its in a pencil form, so you'll need to sharpen this up.  It doesn't bother me though, only takes me like .. 20 seconds.  It's REALLY black. So if you're looking for colour intensity... this i…

MUA Alexandra Burke Lip Boom in It's a Situation | review w/ swatches !

This is one of the products from MUA that used to lure me,  and yet push me away. Two reasons:  WANT the lipstick HATE the gloss I know, I know,  How could I know? When I hadn't even tried it.  Well - I had looked up swatches,  and the gloss has glitter / shimmer in it, which, I hate in my lipsticks / glosses. ABOUT THE PRODUCT So it's not rocket science to know these are dual ended.  One end has a lipstick, the other has a gloss. The lipsticks are semi-matte, but still apply very creamy on the lips.  Again, I don't care for the gloss, but I should tell you,  the glosses are not unique for every lipstick,  it's duplicated in the lipsticks, for example and O.M.G have the same lipgloss.  The glosses have a gritty texture.  But trust me, they're worth getting for the sake of the lipsticks. The writing on the packaging started to wear off,  and I hated that they had tapes sealing the lipstick because it gets kind  of icky overtime.
 The lipstick has…

MUA intense eyeliner in bright orange | review w/ swatches !

As you probably know, I got so many MUA products recently with their promotional codes.. and these liners have been in my collection for over 3 months now - and I have had the opportunity to test them out throughout these three months.

Here's what I think -
ABOUT THE PRODUCT Sleek, nice packaging. Sharpener is built-in in the cap, which could be a disadvantage because it may lead to the eyeliner drying up.  The actual eyeliner is creamy and quite pigmented. It needs setting, so it is not longlasting on its own, but they're great to be used as bases, which is what I bought them for.   It does draw on the waterline, but doesn't last due to the creaminess.  The shade is a bright orange, no shimmer. Very impressed with the pigmentation on this one.
BOTTOM LINE A great eyeliner to use as a base or to powder, it's quite creamy,  and they have some really nice colours to choose from. If you're looking for bases / looking for a cheap eyeliner which you won&…

Essence Multi Action Waterproof Black Mascara | Review w/ Swatches !


So, as you guys probably already know,
I am veerrry picky with my mascaras.
I'm a pain to please,  but I like trying out new ones.
This is a relatively new mascara from Essence.  And by relatively new,  I mean it was launched almost a year ago.

ABOUT THE MASCARA The wand is nothing special. Not the darkest of blacks, but not a light one either.  The wand is not flexible and the formula is more on the dry side.  I wouldn't really say it's a 100% waterproof. You see - for me, for a mascara to be waterproof,  it needs to be non-smudgeable when wet.  And this one doesn't fit that category.  It is smudgeable when wet,  but it is still water resistant,  because unless you don't rub your eyes when wet,  this mascara is not going anywhere.  It lasts a long time,  and even though the mascara didn't quite wow me,
it gave me a nice curl, and kept the lift on my lashes.
I didn't find it gave me any length or volume.

BOTTOM LINE I don't mean to s…

PUPA Milano 50'S Dream Color Touch Highlighter | Review w/ Swatches !

HELLO GUYS! A few months ago PUPA sent me a few products and this is one of them.  Normally PUPA sends me LE products, but by the time I get to review them.. (I take my time, OKay - Don't judge) the LE is almost unavailable. 
Anywho, this time round they sent me two products from their permanent collection and one from their 50s Dream LE (which btw is sooo worth checking out -  I've seen stands all over the place, and they look so gorgeous!).

This one is from the Limited Edition, it's their summer edition,
and it's called a Highlighter.
It's also described as a Maxi Illuminator with a Bonne-Mine Effect on their website
but you need to forget about this being a highlighter / illuminator.
It's a blush.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT So as I said, it's basically a blush, a beautiful peachy pink blush with a slightly frosty pearly finish.
It reminds me of NYX's blush in peach which is one of my favourite blushes of all time.
Texture-wise it has a slightly chalky / pow…

MUA Lipstick in Bare #14 | Review w/ Swatches !

I think one of the highly raved products from MUA are their lipsticks,
and I definitely think they deserve the hype
because they only cost £1 and they have such amazing quality to them.
Now one shade varies from another, and of course shade-wise I have my own preferences.

This one is shade 14 - Bare, and it is quite difficult to find available in stock.

ABOUT THE PRODUCT Bare is a beautiful peachy nude colour.
It's not a wash-me-out nude,
 not on my medium skintone.
But it is a beautiful colour indeed.
The texture is very creamy and feels moisturising on the lips -
don't expect hydration from the lipstick,
but it's perfect for those days when you have chapped lips
and you're looking for a forgiving lipstick.
 The packaging is really nice,
durable and it shows the colour (which opens and seems to have extra product).
 It smells nice, like a vanilla sweet scent.

BOTTOM LINE I love this lipstick.
 I highly recommend it to anyone who is of light - medium ski…

Why I haven't been posting lately ..

HEY DOLLS So these past few days I haven't been posting on my blog,  for multiple reasons, you see. 

I know this might seem like it's a moment of defeat,  but it's not. 
Quite a few things have happened these past few weeks. 
I discovered a blog who has been stealing my blog posts and reposting them. I have been contacting blogger and trying to shut the whole thing down.  But so far, they've only removed selected posts.  That's been by far the most discouraging ordeal so far.  For me to spend hours typing out blog posts and taking photos and what not,  and someone reposting them is just so heartbreaking.  And the most thing that bugs me - is that the blog is still running and  he or she still has my posts up.  I've reported the person for impersonation now, and I'm waiting for them to shut the blog up,  hopefully and FINALLY. 
I changed my domain, which brought about soooo many issues with redirections and what not.  And now, the facebook like is rejecting…

MUA Glitter Eyeliner in Shade 8 | Review w/ Swatches !

I'm in love with glitter eyeliners
and when I found out MUA has their own glitter liners,
I decided to get me some.

This one is Shade 8

ABOUT THE PRODUCT The packaging is quite a typical one,
like a liquid eyeliner ordeal.
The wand is nice but picks up quite a limited amount of product.
The glitter liner itself,
doesn't have enough product to be honest
(1.6g to be exact).
The formula of these liners vary.
From super watery to super dry.
This one's super watery.
They don't stay on much and they can ruin your eyeshadow when they're watery.
This one has beautiful green glitter.

BOTTOM LINE As much as I love MUA,
this didn't deliver much for me.
Even though the glitter is actually beautiful,
 the formula is too watery and too hard to work with.

  That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am n…

ESSENCE splash proof eyeliner pen | review w/ swatches ! - The perfect applicator!

I'm not sure if this was a LE product or not,  I kind of lost count with Essence,  I haven't been to a stand in ages and I got this last summer when we had the Bloggers Event.   So if you have any info about whether this is available or not, please let me know!

ABOUT THE PRODUCT I'd like to start by saying I'm not a huge fan of eyeliner pens. They tend to dry quickly and they tend to be not so longlasting either.  It's kind of super hard to find a good one.   This IS a good one. I LOVE the tip,  gosh I love the tip!!! It makes it so easy to create a winged liner and everything you'd like to recreate.  The pigmentation is definitely there  and it's longlasting  BUT it's NOT waterproof,  and it's not suitable for aged women because it does settle into fine lines as you're applying it.

BOTTOM LINE A great eyeliner pen,  I definitely enjoy this one, and FYI I have had this since last summer and it hasn't dried since!! 

I hope you li…