Essence Multi Action Waterproof Black Mascara | Review w/ Swatches !


So, as you guys probably already know,
I am veerrry picky with my mascaras.
I'm a pain to please, 
but I like trying out new ones.

This is a relatively new mascara from Essence. 
And by relatively new, 
I mean it was launched almost a year ago.


The wand is nothing special. Not the darkest of blacks, but not a light one either. 
The wand is not flexible and the formula is more on the dry side. 
I wouldn't really say it's a 100% waterproof.
You see - for me, for a mascara to be waterproof, 
it needs to be non-smudgeable when wet. 
And this one doesn't fit that category. 
It is smudgeable when wet, 
but it is still water resistant, 
because unless you don't rub your eyes when wet, 
this mascara is not going anywhere. 
It lasts a long time, 
and even though the mascara didn't quite wow me,
it gave me a nice curl, and kept the lift on my lashes.
I didn't find it gave me any length or volume.


I don't mean to say it's a bad product,
not at all.
In fact if you're interested in getting a waterproof mascara,
or a natural mascara that gives you a nice curl,
I'd actually recommend it.
But I expect more from my mascaras.
And I much prefer the Catrice the giant mascara or the mini max one.

I hope you find this review helpful guys!
Let me know what you think below!

FTC Disclaimer: I got this item for free at the Bloggers Event at PharmaMT (importers for Essence and Catrice).  I am not being paid for this post, nor am I obliged to do videos/ posts featuring their products. My loyalty is always towards my subscribers. I would never avoid saying something just because I got an item for free.


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