I have another lipstick diaries,
I have been enjoying experimenting with makeup recently,
I love playing up with colours and I think it's so incredibly fun to just sit in my vanity section and
just get creative.

I went for a golden-purple look, and I think it turned out beautiful.
this was a daytime look,
and it's one of my favourite lipstick diaries that I've posted recently!

I used a WJCON eyeliner for the lips.
I'll tell you all about it below !


NYX HD foundation in natural 03
Maybelline instant age rewind concealer
MUA mosaic bronzer in glow
MUA bronzed perfection
Milani baked blsuh in luminoso
NYX mosaic blush in highlight


Catrice made to stay eyeshadow in copper & gabbana, mauvie star
Wjcon longlasting eyeliner in violet ametista 11
Wjcon LE Luxury Revolution eyeshadow palette - cream, peach, cool brown
Vivo pearl eyeshadow in goddess
Wet n Wild eyeshadow palette in Pride - matte white 
ELF mineral eyeshadow in angelic 
NYX single eyshadow in black, highlight 
Wjcon LE mousse soft eyeshadow in 07 
Wjcon glitter eyeliner in gold *
Deborah Milano 24 hour eyeliner in black 
Covergirl mascara in very black waterproof
Special Match lashes in #906 
Duo Lash Adhesive in Waterproof


Catrice eyebrow stylist in date with ash-ton
Essence lash and brow gel mascara
Pupa eyebrow highlight 


Wjcon eyeliner in flamingo


So as you might know I was invited to the Bloggers Event that WJCON organised.
Basically WJCON is only available in Malta and Italy at the moment,
and is not available online for international customers (sorry!)
But if you can get your hands on it definitely check their store out, they have some gorgeous unique colorus and their liners seem very longlasting.
They're open in Naxxar Road B'Kara !

 Wjcon longlasting eyeliner in violet ametista 11
Their eyeliners are the bomb!
I swatched them all over my hand when we had the bloggers event.
I think their eyeliners are the most luring item at their store.
This purple is amazing, intensely pigmented and a somewhat deepish plum purple with no shimmer.
In love!

 Wjcon LE Luxury Revolution eyeshadow palette - cream, peach, cool brown
It's matte, it's lovely,creamy and truly amazing.
I love my mattes and they're quite hard to find. It's LE, so get your hands on it asap before they run out.

Wjcon LE mousse soft eyeshadow in 07
I love this ! SERIOUSLY go get this one! It is that bright purple on my lower lashline.
Can you see the pigmentation and brightness?
It stays there all there too and doesn't need setting  - somebody pinch me, I think I'm in heaven!

Wjcon glitter eyeliner in gold 
I remember swatching this at their store,
and wasn't wowed,
because this is more of a metallic liner rather than a glitter one.
And when you swatch it, it looks rather watery.
When used on the eyes it looks quite nice though.
I'm enjoying it, definitely

Deborah Milano 24 hour eyeliner in black 
A friend of mine told me that another friend of hers used this eyeliner and it looked fab on her,
so I had to get it.
I definitely like it, it's creamy but dries instantly,
it doesn't smudge and stays there all day.

Wjcon eyeliner in flamingo

 When I had swatched it,
I thought it will a great lip look,
and even though I love the colour,
it was a bit too matte for the lips.
So I'll be testing this out on the waterline and as a base probably.
It's still a beautiful colour though,
but you can see from the photos the texture is quite funny on the lips.

I hope you like it!
- Should you have any requests let me know guys!
- Dyna
*products marked were gifts or were sent for pr purposes

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion :)


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