PUPA Milano 50'S Dream Color Touch Highlighter | Review w/ Swatches !

A few months ago PUPA sent me a few products and this is one of them. 
Normally PUPA sends me LE products, but by the time I get to review them..
(I take my time, OKay - Don't judge)
the LE is almost unavailable. 

Anywho, this time round they sent me two products from their permanent collection
and one from their 50s Dream LE (which btw is sooo worth checking out - 
I've seen stands all over the place, and they look so gorgeous!).

This one is from the Limited Edition, it's their summer edition,
and it's called a Highlighter.
It's also described as a Maxi Illuminator with a Bonne-Mine Effect on their website
but you need to forget about this being a highlighter / illuminator.
It's a blush.


So as I said, it's basically a blush, a beautiful peachy pink blush with a slightly frosty pearly finish.
It reminds me of NYX's blush in peach which is one of my favourite blushes of all time.
Texture-wise it has a slightly chalky / powdery texture to it, but applies like a dream.
And the colour is suitable for light to medium skin tones,
it might show up ashy on darker skintones.


LOVE this blush!
I don't use it daily,
but it truly is a gorgeous one.

I hope you like this post
and you find this helpful,


FTC Disclaimer: I got these free from pupa Milano Malta, I am not affiliated with the brnd and my reviews are, as always, a 100% honest.


  1. Love pupa and this is a great blush....I'm a kind of blush-addict so....don't judge me..


  2. I got this one in my latest trip in Rome and I find it lovely! I use it alone as a blush when i want a really natural look or dust a bit of it with light hand on some oven pinky blush to highlight my cheek bones. The whole collection is beautiful!

  3. Love the gorgeous blush! The packaging is also really pretty!



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