Why I haven't been posting lately ..

So these past few days I haven't been posting on my blog, 
for multiple reasons, you see. 

I know this might seem like it's a moment of defeat, 
but it's not. 

Quite a few things have happened these past few weeks. 

I discovered a blog who has been stealing my blog posts and reposting them.
I have been contacting blogger and trying to shut the whole thing down. 
But so far, they've only removed selected posts. 
That's been by far the most discouraging ordeal so far. 
For me to spend hours typing out blog posts and taking photos and what not, 
and someone reposting them is just so heartbreaking. 
And the most thing that bugs me - is that the blog is still running and 
he or she still has my posts up. 
I've reported the person for impersonation now, and I'm waiting for them to shut the blog up, 
hopefully and FINALLY. 

I changed my domain, which brought about soooo many issues with redirections and what not. 
And now, the facebook like is rejecting likes, and the blog link is not recognised on facebook, 
I've spent hours trying to fix it, and nothing. 
I've been trying to contact facebook about it,
and it's been so hard trying to debug the issue and report it.

Why don't I post now?
I sometimes do, but not as much as I used to, because I'm trying to fix the problems first.
Also - it's harder blogging with the issues, because feedback is not like it used to be,
and it's hard to track what posts my viewers are enjoying and what they would rather not read.

Oh and I also have another problem -
because I post daily, I often get regarded as a spammer by facebook,
because I post on makeup groups as well.
You see - the people behind facebook are making facebook an advertising machine. 
In fact - everyone who has a fan page knows that the posts don't get visible to all your likes. 
Only people who often view your posts from the ticker application
get your updates. 
But in order for my viewers to get the posts I post, I have to pay money for advertising. 
I understand that big corporations don't find this an issue, because it's an effective method of advertising. 
But I don't have a budget for advertising, 
My blog is non-profitable, and I can't afford to pay for advertising.
My blog is my hobby, not my business. 
Darn you facebook. 

So that basically sums it up.
If you know how I can fix these issues please let me know,
I even contacted local web designers to help me out,
but they've been telling me to redesign the whole thing using their package or what not.
That's not my issue,
my layout's working just fine.

Anyway -
thank you for reading,
and I apologise for not posting as frequently but I hope it makes you understand :)

- Dyna


  1. This is so stupid! I read and enjoy everything you write, and I can see all the things you are posting on facebook:D Love Jeanett

  2. I totally understand! Last year I closed my blog for some time to change the layout and now, although I want to change it again, I won't because it needs time to fix the problems and omg, even if you change the tiniest thing there are always problems! Gaah! Keep it up doll and you'll find a solution! And about this other blog that steals your posts, I have no words! Keep reporting it till it's down!!

  3. Oh no, sorry you're having so many problems! What platform are you hosted by, blogger I guess? It should be quite easy to set up the new URL, but whats happening with facebook is really weird. I can't believe some ass is stealing your posts too, why do people do it!!! xx

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  4. Only just come across your blog and your posts are great - keep on going!

    Now following you on GFC and would be great to get a follow back, if you would like to follow each other? :)

    Be great if you could check out my latest post on Beauty Works Quadruple Clip In Hair Extensions

    Thanks! Charlie xx

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