PUPA Milano Eyebrow Highlighter | Review w/ Swatches !

A few months ago PUPA sent me a few products and this is one of them. 
Normally PUPA sends me LE products, but by the time I get to review them
(I take my time, OKay - Don't judge)
The LE is almost unavailable. 

Anywho, this time round they sent me two products from their permanent collection
and one from their 50s Dream LE (which btw is sooo worth checking out - 
I've seen stands all over the place, and they look so gorgeous!). 

So - Remember the last time I said a product is a must have?
Yes - me neither.

Actually .. I'm having glimpses -
yes! Probably back when I said the ELF makeup remover pen was a must have!
(Check out my video below for a demo)

It's the PUPA eyebrow highlight, and I'm in love!


A duo jumbo eye pencil - one side is matte, one shimmer
The matte side is a peachy cream shade,
the shimmer side only has a peachy slightly golden shimmer to it.
What do I use this for?..
Or should I say what DON'T I use this for?!

1. I use the matte side on the top of my brows
2. Matte - To  highlight the browbone. - Gives my brows a lift.
3. Shimmer - to slightly apply a slight shimmery sheen on the browbone (not eighties sheen- don't worry)
4. Matte & Shimmer - On the cupid's bow, to make my lips look a tad poutier
5. Matte -  At the edge extending the lower lashline for an eye lift
6. Matte - Around the lip to perfect the edges round the lip
7. Matte - on the waterline, instead of white to brighten the eyes

I used this in my tutorials here:


A MUST-HAVE product, I can't rave enough about this eyebrow highlight.
It doesn't need setting, glides like a dream. The only downside is that it's a tad hard to find a good jumbo eyeliner sharpener in which it fits.

I hope you like this post
and you find this helpful,


FTC Disclaimer: I got these free from pupa Milano Malta, I am not affiliated with the brand and my reviews are, as always, a 100% honest.


  1. Amazing review. I especially think that the shade purple is really bold. <3
    Check out my new post!


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