I just dyed my hair blonde again. 
P.S. Because I got a few messages asking me if it's okay to dye your hair when pregnant, 
I asked my gynae and she told me it's OK. 
I even did my own research and it said that the ingredients in the hair dye could only be potentially harmful to the baby if you get huge doses of some of those ingredients in the hair dye. 
The amount of those ingredients in the hair dye is in very small amounts. 
So it's safe to dye your hair, but apparently you could have some unwanted colour changes due to hormones. 
I dyed my hair outside, so I wouldn't inhale the fumes of the hair dye either. 

Anyway - I'm so glad I'm fully blonde again, 
even though it's been a while since my hair was this blonde
so it still takes some getting used to. 
 I always find myself wearing less makeup in summer, especially if my hair's blonde, 
and this is my typical summer look. 
I paired it with a bright lip because I felt like it - 
but I normally opt for more wearable shades. 




Essence Trend Edition BB cream
NYX powder blush in dusty rose
NYC bronzer in sunny
Essence  cherry blossom girl LE blush - lightest shade


NYX single eyeshadows in skin tight, dark brown
Wet n Wild color icon eyeshadow palette in sweet as candy - light highlight shade
Wet  n Wild color icon 8 eyeshadow palette in greed - black shade
Avon supershock mascara
Essence multi action mascara
Catrice 2 in 1 revolution to evolution mascara


Essence eyebrow pencil in blonde
Catrice clear lash brow mascara


Barry M lip paint in 54 shocking pink *

*was sent in a swap with Wendy - so didn't directly pay for this

That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion .


  1. Wow very informative, I have always been told that you were not allowed to dye your hair when pregnant. So glad to hear that it's ok, for when I decide to try and bring my own bundle of joy into the world. I have also heard a lot of talk about how pregnant women should avoid hormone disrupting ingredients that can be found in skincare and makep. what are your thoughts on that?

    1. To be honest I haven't researched the subject. But when I asked my gynae whether applying stretchmark-preventing creams could be dangerous because ingredients in cream products might go in the bloodstream - she told me that only medical creams (for when you're sick or something) go in your bloodstream. I highly doubt makeup or skincare products would go in your bloodstream. Because that's the problem, when ingredients go in your bloodstream, otherwise anything you apply won't affect your baby. Hair dye does go in the bloodstream which is why it's a bit skeptical to dye your hair when pregnant, some people believe it might harm the baby. But not all ingredients could harm the baby, and depends on the amounts of course. In fact - there is not enough research to show that drinking alcohol when pregnant harms the baby - because if you drink 1-2 drinks per day it might not harm the baby (it's a rather small dose). I personally would rather not drink, because it's not scientifically proven that it won't harm the baby. And then it all depends on the person. Some people go mental in pregnancy - they revert to totally herbal ingredients, eat only organic and do things that are not harmful at all, but perhaps unnecessary. P.S. I think you might enjoy this article on some pregnancy myths -

    2. 1-2 drinks per week * sorry.

    3. Thanks for taking the time to answer. Yeah it definately makes sense that only products that goes in the bloodstream could be harmfull to the baby. I probably would not drink either even if a drink every now or then wasn't harmful, I'm just not that fond of alcohol anyways and I would not not risk it either. It seems that these "what not to do when expecting" rules keep changing... so It might be competely different by the time I finally become preggers hehe.

      By the way, love the new haircolor, it totally brightens up your look.

    4. Thanks dear! Actually they do - Back when my mum was pregnant, doctors used to advise them to eat liver because they said it was healthy and nutritional for the baby. My gynae told me not to eat it. P.S. I'm not a fan of alcohol either. But I do miss my red bull - you can't have that when pregnant :/

    5. yeah I probably would miss my red bull too. love that stuff. I remember someone told me that a long time ago, smoking wile pregnant was not as frowned upon as it is today, some women actually did it because they heard it would give them smaller babies... WTF? that is just crazy...

    6. I know that smoking should definitely be avoided during the first trimester - but I've seen pregnant women smoking when they're bigger and think it's so selfish and inappropriate. It's definitely unhealthy for the baby to have nicotine running in your bloodstream.. But that's my opinion. Perhaps it's cos I'm not a smoker, but I think it's unselfish to say the least.

    7. It just looks soo wrong when pregnant women smoke. I quit smoking last year and would definately not do it during a pregnancy either.

    8. WOW well done on that - I know how tough quitting can be - both my parents quit some 5 years go and it was very difficult for them..

  2. Your hair looks gorgeous. That lipstick color is so pretty :)

  3. I thought your hair was lighter, looks great on you :)

    1. It was - around 8 months ago but then I dyed it dark brown and I hated it, so now we're verging into the blonde again :D

  4. Hey honey, I love the pink lips!!!! there's nothing like some colourto make thos great lips pop ^^

    Concerning the hair dying matter, my friend got told not to dye her hair in her pregnancy, because it's unhealthy. I don't know if I would, but generally I sometimes think that doctors are really too over the top cautious...our mothers and grandmothers used much worse stuff and ate non-bio food and we all turned out well :-D but then again, I've never been pregnant and am just thinkin' :-D

    anyways, take care say hi to your mini-me <3

    1. True - doctors kind of don't agree on the matter. I know in the past they couldn't dye their hair. Either way - I've read that it's practically harmless. I was weary about the fumes though so I stayed outdoors because they're too strong.. Junior says hi back! x

    2. I heard that as long as you dont get,the dye on the scalp then you should be fine. I asked my hair dresser friend.


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