REAL TECHNIQUES Stippling Brush | Review !

As you might know Real Techniques is a  brand by Samantha Chapman aka Pixiwoo
and she launched her own brush line, 
which has become one of the highest raved brushes over the internet. 
So, of course, I wanted some. 
I got mine off
and the prices and shipping are very reasonable. 
You also get some offers just for the first purchase. 
I think I got a $10 off 
The shipping was relatively cheap considering shipping is from US to Malta.




I hate this brush, 
it's quite nice to apply foundation, but it scratches my face, 
perhaps I got a bad one, 
because I've never read that in any of the reviews, 
but I hate mine.
Packaging is colour coded - 
Pink is for finishing / setting brushes
Blue is for eye brushes 
Gold is for base brushes.
You either find the packaging cute, or you find it rather cheap looking, 
I personally find it cute. 
The brush sizes vary depending on the type of brush, 
and some of them, especially the big ones can stand on their own 
because of their flat bottom. 
The small ones are too small for that. 


I hate it! It scratches my face,
 even though it does quite a fine job at applying my liquid foundation. 
I only use this when I run out of liquid foundation brushes. 

That's it for this post!
and till the next.. take care!

 FTC DISCLAIMER: I am not paid to do this post. I bought the products myself for my personal use unless otherwise stated and I am not affiliated with the company. Everything I said in this post is my genuine honest opinion .


  1. I have a few Real Techniques brushes and find them extremely soft. I haven't got the stippling brush though so I'm not sure if it's just yours or all of them are scratchy.

    1. Nope - all my other ones are really soft - just this one :/

  2. i bought this exact brush thinking id love it! I got a bad one too, the bristles kept falling out and i returned it and got another and i had the same problem! i havent bought another real technique brush since!!

    1. The other ones are much better - but I did not like this one :/

  3. Would this work with a cream blusher? It looks like it may be small enough?

    1. It does, because it's relatively small - but again- it scratches my face.

  4. I love my real technique expect face brush it is so soft and wouldn't be without it now can use for my foundation contouring or blush I'm not into the duel brushes tho not tried real techiniques ones but had a few others in the past.

    Carrieanne x

    Also we have a big Illamasqua give away on our blog

  5. So glad I read this! I was thinking of purchasing an upgrade for travel since I've been using a small one by e.l.f. So glad I didn't splurge as I love my e.l.f. brush more than my MAC one :)

    1. You should totally get the expert face brush instead - I LOVE that one for foundation it's amazing and apples foundation so quick! But definitely pass on this one - it scratches my face like no other.


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