I have a non- beauty related post today. 
I feel like telling you guys my blogging story,
because a lot of you met me half way,
so I'm telling you exactly how it happened and what went on
along the way.

So my blog started as a personal blog, 
and I once posted about how to do your own lipgloss and got quite a few hits on it.

Needless to say, I was flattered, 
and continued typing out beauty blog posts.
Back then I wasn't all that into makeup. 
I used to watch all these brilliant youtube gurus
and I looked up to them. 
They had so much confidence, 
I wanted to be like that, too. 

You see - even though I might seem like 
I am a very confident and secure girl, 
I'm not all that confident and secure. 
I'm not a boaster and I don't like to boast. 
I don't intend to make people feel like trash - 
which is why my blog is not a gossip blog. 
I might have more hits if I do that, 
but spreading negativity is not the way I want things to go. 

I have been blogging around 3 years, now, I think. 
And back then, I kept my blog quite private. 
It wasn't something "in" here in Malta, 
and I've had people finding out about my blog and making fun of me
just because I post about beauty related stuff,
and they found it lame.

It used to get to me, I'm not going to lie. 
When I first started posting youtube videos on my channel - 
I disabled ratings on my videos. 
Dislikes used to get to me. 

 And trust me, there IS negativity out there, 
and you'll find people hiding behind their fake profiles and 
posting about you or your blog like they know you
or they met you.. 
just because they don't like you, or your nose, or the way you apply your mascara. 

I'm actually quite amazed at myself, 
I find out about these things nowadays, 
and honestly, they don't get to me at all. 
I know about them, 
but I'm so chill about them.
Before - I used to delete whatever post bothered these people. 
And now I honestly couldn't care less. 

I have a lot of people I don't know, 
and whom I've never met, 
who really support me, 
and encourage me to go on. 

A little over a year ago I also started doing makeup on clients, 
and I'm loving it, 
I never get bored doing makeup 
and I have this urge inside me to try different things and to help
girls feel more beautiful at the stroke of my brush. 
Looking at people's reactions when they see themselves all made up, 
is one of the best feelings ever.
To know that you can help someone feel better about themselves,
or feel great just because they look great,
is amazing. 

I remember I was talking to some other Maltese bloggers over a  year ago and we wondered
whether we'd be doing this blog-thing a year or two from now. 
I still am, I love doing it, 
I might stop doing it at some point. 
To be honest, I doubt that. 

I'm not the most famous blogger on the net 
or the most famous guru either. 
I don't feel bad about that, 
not one bit. 
That is not my aim, 
I never thought anyone would ever read my blog, 
but apparently people do. 
And this blog has given me so much life and opportunities,
it's been amazing.

It's not the events or the invites -
because I've declined most of them, unless I honestly truly think it's an event
I'd want to talk about and enjoy.
I'm not THAT kind of blogger,
but that's just me. 

Yes, I blog because I love helping others, too.
But I'm not going to sit here telling you I do it for all of you,
because in all honesty,
I do it mainly for me.
[What a selfish person, GOD!]
Allow me to explain.
I feel great when I blog,
it's not just a hobby,
it's something that makes me feel really "me"
when I do it.
And you guys who love reading my posts,
and give me feedback,
give me that extra boost to put more effort in my blog.
PLUS. To be quite honest, if I don't have YOUR support I don't think I'd still be doing it now,
as it defeats the purpose of a beauty blog, I guess. 
So THANK YOU for helping me enjoy this even more.

I'm not saying that this blogging thing is easy.
I sit here at 1.26am typing this blog post.
NOT because I feel pressured to do it
or because I don't have a choice as I have to put this post up tomorrow,
but because I want to,
and I'd love to post this. 

I felt the need for a break twice ever since I had my blog.
I actually announced it publicly when I stopped blogging for a while.
Obviously, sometimes work/ school or
my personal life could have a toll on me so I would need to stop for a short while.
Also, my blog is a hobby and doing it everyday can
be a tough job.
And we all need our break.

I'm currently posting a post everyday,
and it's been like that for more than a year.
My youtube videos have been quite randomly posted,
I've been posting a video every Wednesday throughout these couple of weeks.

AND now I'll leave you with my motto:

Life isn't about being THE best,
it's about being YOUR best!

I hope you like this post guys and till the next..
take care nuggets!

Stay tuned - I have a follow up post about tips on how I blog -
to give you more insight on what goes on "behind the blog"
as well as helpful tips to help other bloggers out there.

- Dyna



  1. Lovely lovely post sabiha!! very inspirational xxx

  2. I've been following your blog here in Canada. Keep up the great work!

    1. Aww thanks Elizabeth, means a lot to me! xx

  3. I wish one day negative people won't bother me at all, I know they don't deserve it but I can't help it yet. Sometimes I feel the need for a break from blogging, I believe it's only natural since it's my hobby as well, I'm not gonna push myself to post because I know I'll hate that post afterwards.
    Keep up the good work, spread the love and passion!

    1. Trust me dear - you'll grow stronger over time.. we can't control everyone, we only have control over our own actions, so make sure you stay happy! xx

  4. Proset Dyna - very beautifully written! Well done :)

    "just because they don't like you, or your nose, or the way you apply your mascara" - hehe, I remember this, but I moved past it too now. Thanks so much for giving me the advice to not bother and keep going :) for the 1 negative person, we find 99 who love to read our blogs- It's all worth it in the end, if you love what you are doing!

    Great post - well done, and reading it was really touching! It's nice when DYNA shines through the blog post :) Something truly unique!

    Keep it up :)

  5. Hi! I've just discovered your blog and i'm loving it. A few months ago I lost my blogger account and I have to start again to create a new blog. Here I give you my blog link. If you want to subscribe to it, I will be very pleased. Thank you very much!


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